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Kwigy Bo presents New England Carrier, a Tote for Dogs

Posted by Allison Edrington - Rev on 9/21/2011 to Carriers & Blankets

Go Incognito or Live it Up with the Tote from Kwigy bo, the Attractive New England

Carry your small pup anywhere concealed or open to the world with the Kwigy Bo Designer New England Pooch Carrier that Doggie Diva, best Online Boutique just got in stock! Such a dog carrier bag is ideal if your pet is anxious around new people, as the bag can conceal your pet as you travel across crowded areas.

No one will suspect that what appears to be a stylish handbag is actually a dog carrier for your favorite furry friend. The bold black and orange colors of this Dog Carrier make it stand out so a social dog can easily gain the attention it craves or a skittish canine can maintain some privacy when the top is closed and the side flaps are rolled down.

Why a designer dog carrier? Because you shouldn't compromise your sense of fashion when carrying your four-legged friend. When you are proud of how your designer carrier tote looks, you are more likely to take your pet with you when you leave the house and spending more time together can strengthen the loving relationship and the bond you have with your canine.

The doggie conveyance called theNew England from Kwigy Bo, an excellent Tote will carry your pet fashionably and comfortably wherever you go so your furry or not so furry friend can stay by your side.

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