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Tent Dog Beds

Tent Dog Beds

Give your furry prince or princes the ultimate in luxury and style with a Tent Dog Bed from Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. Your doggie will love curling up in a royalty inspired tent bed or in a dome dog bed where she can hide, peek out and rest with ease and comfort. You will love the stylish look, easy care and pet friendly environment these beds add to your décor.
 Oh my heavens! It just does not get any more plush, posh, pretty or pampered than our collection of Dog Tent Beds!

Read more about these unique tent beds below.
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Luxury chocolate brown micro suede tented dog bed w/ matching pillow
$159.50 $149.50
Puppe Love / PamPet USA pink tent canopy dog cat pet bed
$169.50 $159.50
Puppe Love / PamPet USA posh pink tent canopy dog cat pet bed
Puppe Love / PamPet USA tent canopy dog cat pet bed
An easy, comfortable, foldable pet pen, great for the beach & travel
Adorable Teepee bed for pets
Sweet teepee pet bed for dogs

Give your royal fur partner their own castle with posh tents for dogs...

In colors like “Viva La Chocolate,” “Pretty in Pink,” and “Posh and Pink” your smallest fur royalty will adore these cozy and private tents for dog retreats! The Chocolate tent for pups is perfect for a king, prince or duke of small breeds with its brown microsuede exterior with matching tan trim and interior pillow, along with a stately light brown wooden spire to top off his or her majesty’s palace!  The Pretty in Pink tent bed for your queen, princess or duchess is made in white nylon material for the sides and top eaves that are anchored by pretty pink bows. Inside, the plush pink pillow cradles your baby bunting with a tail, so she is always feeling cuddled and precious. The white spire and accents of Swarovski crystal accents add even more glamor to your fur baby’s nest. Then there is the Posh and Pink Tent for doggies accented with a fur boa around the eaves, microsuede pink sides and top, a stately brown wood spire dotted with more Swarovski crystals. The interior pillow is brown soft material filled with allergy free padding. With a raised frame, sturdy foam core and bows, the Camelot Tent Dog Bed will have you singing “it never rains ‘til after sundown” and other lyrics to your precious pet as he or she slips into their little castle of pink tapestry woven material. The natural wood brown spire announces her royal presence while the plump cushion holds her petite frame! With a raised frame, sturdy foam core and concave resting floor, your doggie will just love this piece of paradise that is constructed with the finest craftsmanship in pet products by  Pampet/Puppe Love. The removable and washable tent for pups materials are meant to be easy to care for and to last for the ages, just like your precious fur monarch!

For a more tailored look, the Little Dome PetZip Dog Beds are so easy to unfold from the handy envelope collapsed shape into a pretty and sturdy tent. The washable material is easy to care for even while it looks great anywhere in your home. Plus, this is a great pack-and-go tent to take with you on visits for the weekend or on the road. Check out the colors available in these classic shaped tents for little dogs and choose one that fits your style and your woofer’s personality! Feel free to contact us for our assistance on which of these designer pet bed styles will work for your furry king or queen, since this is one pet bed product that especially caught our attention the first time we saw them! Our petite pups just adore hopping in, curling up, peeping out and spending time in their little fortresses!

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