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Three Forgotten Heroic Dogs of Television

Posted by Allison Edrington - Rev on 10/14/2011 to Dog Boutique
Doggie Heros of Television 

Canines are man's best friend so it makes sense they are also frequently featured in TV and cinema. While there have been many great pets that are well-known – Lassie, Old Yeller, Air Bud – there are even more that the world has forgotten and we here at Doggie Diva and our Boutique Online want to remind you.

Here are three poochs that left the limelight in stop-motion, animation and live action:
  1. Nopey – “Gumby” was an eclectic stop-motion animation series starring a green humanoid named Gumby. Among the strangeness that show offered to kids and adults was Nopey, Gumby's faithful companion. The only word in his vocabulary was “nope” (still more than your average pup) and he always helped Gumby in a pinch or made it worse, depending on the episode. This faithful pup is really the embodiment of what we want our dogs to be: faithful, loving and in need of our support.
  2. Brain – From the “Inspector Gadget” show, Brain the pooch was another pet that helped out the main protagonist when he needed it most. Along with Gadget's niece Penny, he acted as the inspector's much needed support team, which is why Brain didn't get much chance to sleep in his own doggie bed.
  3. Poochinski – Don't remember this one? Poochinski was the main character of a show that never made it past its pilot episode. A police detective played by Peter Boyle saves a bulldog from being hit by a car, gets killed himself in the process and has his soul transferred to the bulldog … for no explained reason. Maybe it would have been explored in future episodes had it made it past a pilot, but the concept apparently wasn't solid enough to get that far.

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