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Get Sassy with Spring Doggie Collars in Cotton

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 4/4/2014 to Collars & Ties
Canine Collars in Cotton  

You know how much you look forward to shedding the winter wools and knits. Get your beloved pet ready too, with spring best cotton doggie collars from the Doggie-Diva Pooch Boutique

Suzy loves flowers

Hi there. I am Suzy’s human mom and she enjoys dressing up for special occasions. She is my big, beautiful Great Dane, so I buy XXL. Her Spring dog collar is the Picadilly Dog Collar in Tangerine. ($16.95) Suzy is a brindle color and the tangerine just “pops” on her lovely neck. The Spring print in this 100% cotton collar is perfect for our strolls to see the blooming plants in the park. I will also get the matching flower for her to add when we go to Mom’s for Sunday dinner!

Cute Connie in Pink

Connie my Bichon Frise is a precious, cuddly white fur ball! I am her human big sister and I love to dress her up in doggie clothes. For Spring, I found a colorful collar with pinks, greens and yellows in the flower print design. The Poetica Dog Collar ($16.9) looks so cute on her when I add the matching Dog Flower Collar . ($13.95) Doggie-Diva, a best online Boutique with great customer service,  just thinks of everything! The collar and flower by Bow-Wow are made of couture fabrics, and are washable. Our mom likes that, because Connie’s Spring neck fashion will not wear out! But then, Connie and I are girly-girls, so we do not ever get dirty!

Cool Cats like Collars, Too!

Hello. My sweet Tabby cat, MiMi, purrs loudly when I put on her Tartan Dog Collar in Poppy. ($16.95) Of course, we do not tell her it is a canine collar. Doggie-Diva Store Boutique has pet collars in all sizes, so you can even get one for your pet rabbit if you want. Bow-Wow Couture makes sure the collars are comfortable and easy to care for. There is a curved side release buckle for MiMi’s comfort and safety. Even though she does not join her doggie buddies at the park, she enjoys getting dressed up while she lies around or sits in the window to watch the birds. Oh yes, we also add her matching flower. Bow-Wow Couture flowers are handmade in the USA. They have three sizes, so MiMi was able to have a flower just like her friend, Connie.

Bruiser the Boxer and Bow Ties

I am Bruiser’s “dad” and, believe me; he does NOT like to get dressed up in flowery stuff. But he does like to wear a snappy collar sometimes. We found a nice Spring collar at Doggie-Diva Pet Boutique. The Tiles Dog Collar in Green ($16.95) is dressy but masculine enough for Bruiser. Bruiser’s grand-mom (my mom) even bought a matching bow tie ($13.95) for him to wear at the family reunion in April. You should see how Bruiser struts when he wears one of his spring cotton dog collars around his buddies. He tells them this one is a “camo” collar. We won’t tell him anything different either!

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