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Snuggle Pup Sleeping Bag Chocolate by Hello Doggie
Chocolate Rosebud Sleep Sac for Pups

Snuggle Pup Sleeping Bag Chocolate by Hello Doggie

Chocolate Rosebud Sleeping Bag for Puppies.

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Hello Doggie
  • Chocolate Snuggle Pup sleep sack description:Handmade by Hello Doggie in the USA
  • Luxurious Rosebud fabric that is reversible
  • Zips up for sleep sack 17.5 x 9 inches, opens up for blanket or mat 18 x 17 inches
  • Machine wash and dry on delicate cycles
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Beautiful Chocolate Rosebud Luxury Sleeping Bag for Pets by Hello Doggie..

Bon Bons are not the only thing in chocolate that will make you smile. The Snuggle Pup Sleeping Bag in Chocolate is made just for your little fur baby to nuzzle when they are ready for a nap or have just had a puppy bath. The fluffy rosebud fabric is easy to care for with machine washing and drying on gentle, while the softness is unbeatable when it comes to giving your fur buddies up to 4 lbs. their own sleep sack (zipped up) or bed, (opened up.) Handmade in the USA by Hello Doggie designers, this chocolaty accessory for both you and your pup will look marvelous on your couch or comforter, or better yet, tuck it into your dog purse carrier for extra coziness when you two travel! 
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