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Rhinestone Dog Collars Are Perfect for Doggie Stars!

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 7/28/2016 to Collars & Ties

Give Doggie the Gift of Luxurious Personalized Collars

IRhinestone Dog Collarss your precious fur baby (or adult) the star in the movie of your life? Well then, treat him or her to a bit of bling that proudly announces their status!
Rhinestone Dog Collars come in many looks at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique. We have our own line of personalized name collars that are put together for you just the way you want! Here’s how!

Kinley Collars by Doggie Diva

We have our own line of customized collars called Kinley Collars that you can have us make to fit your specifications. First, pick a collar material from our selection of snakeskin, croc, faux metallic leather and glitter finishes. Then, think of what you want your puppy love’s name, initials or saying to look like. You have 12 characters and symbols to make your creation.

Dress Your Pup With Bling
The dazzling letters we slip onto your fuzzy sweetpea’s collar are packed with clear rhinestone sparkle, while the charms you can choose are full of Rhinestone Dog Name Collarsrhinestone colors. Is your fluffy furball a constant center of attention? Then add the pretty flower charms in pink, red or yellow to the letters. Or is your very active athlete with paws a champ? Then use the Crowns in pink, clear, blue, or red to accent his or her name. If your very protective woofer is your constant companion add the skull charm in black, pink or clear plus a bone charm in pink, blue, clear or black. When your diplomatic tail wagger loves all he or she meets, then the peace sign in clear is a great way to accessorize their name. When you have a four-pawed partner to carry along or walk with, the adorable paws charm in pink, clear, red or blue makes such a precious addition to the shine in your fur love’s collar. Of course, our dogs, whether they are yippers, woofers or lap dogs are the loves of our lives, so the beautiful heart charm in red, pink or purple will nicely add character to their customized collar!

Miniature to Large Fur Pals all Deserve Their Names in Lights

The collar sizes for our personalized pet neck wear ranges from XS to Large so they will fit furry necks from 6 to 24 inches around. The reason we recommend adding our charms to one of the collars we have in our collection is because not all manufacturer charms will fit all collars. Therefore, our customization of your chosen style will be absolutely perfect in quality and design detail. Just think, you can mix and match colors, materials and wording on your pet’s collar to create a unique look that will gather the attention of everyone you and your fuzzy buddy see.

Customized Dog CollarsDon’t get stuck deciding what you want your barky pal’s collar to say. We are always happy to talk, chat or email with you to give you ideas and examples. We do recommend that if you use two words, it is nice to put a charm between them to keep the letters from sliding together. Also a charm on each end of your pup’s message adds so much color and glow to the total look. Going to a wedding, fancy party or other special event? You know you will be getting your best jewels, gold and silver out of your jewelry chest to wear. So add even more of that classic dress up detail to your doggie’s attire with these fabulous custom collars. with all the combinations you can have us put together, we find that “one of a kind” is often used to describe where you got your beloved four-legged date’s neck wear! We promise you will have just too much fun from all the smiles, giggles, head pats and attention you and your fur baby will attract!

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