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Need a Jogging Buddy - Recruit Your Pup With a Pet Stroller

Posted by Allison Edrington on 1/24/2016 to Strollers & Joggers

Doggie Jogging Strollers

Your dog is your companion but what about your pet jogging partner in a jogger stroller...

Committing to jog everyday by yourself can be difficult in the face of no companionship, and even a human friend may not reliably show up to your sessions. By using specially designed dog jogger strollers, you can recruit your own pup to jog with you, even if she wouldn't normally be able to keep up.

Puppy joggers are designed especially for runners who want the company of their favorite pooch. Many pet joggers and regular puppy carriers on wheels will have ample storage space where you can keep water bottles and snacks. You can also store a leash so your dog can run with you part of the way, but you won't have to turn back early when she gets tired out. Instead, your dog can enjoy the excitement of being whizzed around the neighborhood while you exercise.

Doggie Joggers are also a great solution if you attend a dog show, as you will not have to carry her and her supplies. The popular, designer dog jpgger stroller Monogram Stroller A701 combines style and usability for pet owners and can hold a dog up to 45 pounds. It does well across rough terrain and is well-ventilated.

There are also extremely versatile strollers available. The PetZip 3-in-1 stroller not only acts as a stroller, but also as a carrier and a car seat for your pooch that is 25 pounds or under.

To get your pup used to any pet jogger stroller, you should place it in your home first and allow her to become familiar with it. You can leave small toys and treats in the seat to encourage her to jump in.

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Date 10/16/2015
Love, love the pet strollers. It is amazing how many different styles they have. You just don't know anymore if you will see an adorable baby in a stroller or a cat or dog.

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