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Travel Pet Bed

Travel Dog Bed

It does not matter where you go for an overnight or weekend, your dog would much rather be with you than left behind or in a boarding kennel. Take your furry travel companions with you using Travel Dog Beds that are meant for dogs on the go.

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An easy, comfortable, foldable pet pen, great for the beach & travel

Dogs will enjoy their trips when you take along their own movable dog bed......

At Doggie Diva, we think you will like the versatility and comfort our movable dog bed gives you and your fur partner. Do you leave your dog behind because your hosts may feel imposed upon? Does your dog have a bed at home, but not when you travel? Is it hard to pack up your pooch’s bedding when you hit the road? We found the solution for travel worries when you cannot live without your four-legged best friend as you take trips and visit other people! The 30” x 39” dog bed that we recommend for travel has its own sack sleeve to hold the rolled up bed.

The thick inner pad provides the same comfort as his or her home bed and is machine washable without losing its shape and thickness. A soft outer cover with a nylon underside is also stain and water-resistant. Now doesn’t your doggie deserve as much comfort as you do when you stay in a hotel or with family and friends? Also good for camping trips, whether outdoors in a tent or in an RV, your pup will appreciate having a place of her own to curl up while on the road. If you have ever loaded up your four-legged pal into the hatchback of your car for a long drive, you will really love the way this convenient bed rolls out for him to have a cozy riding spot where he will probably nap all the way to your destination!

Don’t let another trip happen, where you have to leave your loyal tail-wagger behind when you can pack up his own luggage including his bed to enjoy adventures with you. Call, email or chat with us online when you have questions or need advice for outdoor and travel gear to keep your pet happy and safe.

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