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Doggie Pouches and Other Reasons They Have it Better

Posted by Allison Edrington - Rev on 12/30/2011 to Carriers & Blankets

Doggie Carry Bags  

Pets are some of the most pampered creatures on the planet. While not all dogsters and cats are fortunate enough to have a kind owner, many are fed regularly, petted, scratched, toted around in comfy canine carriers and have nary a care in the world.

We’re not the only ones who have noticed, either. First Lady Michele Obama recently told Barbara Walters on ABC News that if she had to be reincarnated, she would like to come back as her pooch named Bo. And that isn’t such a bad choice: her Portuguese water doggie leads a fairly carefree and luxurious life.

Not many politicians have such famous pets, but celebrities certainly do. Paris Hilton started an entire trend of carrying purse-sized Chihuahuas throughout the day. While pets are much more than fashion accessories, Hilton never looked dull when carrying her pup around. The rise in popularity that designer pooch carriers experienced as a result has led to some fantastic styles and color. Every small Fido lover can now add some style to their Furry friend’s accessories – not to mention their own.

Although I’m sure the First Lady would prefer to stick to American, but I’d prefer to come back as one of the four-legged friends owned by the British royal family. These dogs lead a good life and are traditionally corgis (one of my favorite breeds), but there are a variety of other animals the royal family maintains. The Queen even personally bred dorgis, a dachshund and corgi mix, but stopped in 2009 due to her increasing age.

Either way, being one of the lucky pets that gets to curl up in snug doggies carriers and have all their needs met wouldn't be a bad fate.

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