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Pawz Dog Shoes_Keep Fido's Paws Off the Icy Streets

Posted by Allison Edrington - Rev on 12/21/2012 to Shoes & Boots
pawz dog shoesNo pet wants to scrape the pads of his paws on rough terrain for too long, and this especially goes for the ground in cold winter weather. City streets are often salted to prevent ice and snow from accumulating - while this is great for controlling hazards for cars and shoe-wearing people, the salt and other chemicals can really be hard on your pet's feet.

That's why we offer Pawz Shoes ($12.95)! These disposable pet shoes are plastic and easily fit onto your pooch's paws to protect them from the elements. Whether it's salt in the streets or brambles in the field, pup boots can be a real benefit. Fidos who are more accustomed to the indoor atmosphere may not have paws ready for hard and dusty roads, making disposable furry friend boots a great choice.

Other Ways Pawz Shoes Protect Your Dogs

Not sure if your dog's paws face peril? Consider the fertilizer you use in your backyard to make the grass grow. Would you walk on that barefoot? If not, then why should your canine? Poochie boots can also reduce the amount of mud your doggie tracks in by slipping them on before he heads out to the backyard and taking them back off when he comes back in. It's a little easier than wiping the dirt from between his toes ...

These disposable canine shoes actually stay on snugly, so they won't easily slip off while your animal is out and about. While they are disposable, you can also use them more than once. They are waterproof and biodegradable, plus different sizes come in different colors!

Dog strollersOther great winter ideas to keep your dog comfortable and safe:
  • Cozy doggie beds are always appreciated by your furry friend. Let him keep warm on cold days or snuggle closely with his favorite toy in a new dog bed. We carry tent beds, nesting beds, and more!
  • For doggies that can't get around as much, pet strollers are a great way to get him out of the house and into a whole new world.

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