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Organic & Eco Friendly

Organic and Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

Doggie instincts are to pick up anything that looks, smells and tastes like “prey.” You don’t want your best furry pal to forage for just anything, do you? Of course not! Organic and Eco Friendly Dog Toys are just what the veterinarian ordered and exactly what your pet will seek out. At Doggie Diva, we have natural pet toys that are good for canine health, while they are also colorful, interesting and fun to play with.

Do you worry when your pup chews off a piece of his or her toy and swallows it? Are your doggie’s toys easy to rip or tear, causing you stress because you don’t want them to get sick? Do you worry about dyes and chemicals that are in your pet's favorite chew toy?

Read more facts about organic, pet friendly toys below.
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All the fun of a ball and bone in one durable dog toy. Bound to give little chewers countless moments of play-filled fun. Guaranteed to last. Mini measures approx. 4.5" Long.
The perfect combination of a supremely stuffable / tossable dog treat toy and guaranteed-tough Zogoflex
Jive is the most durable dog ball from West Paw Design yet
$9.50 $7.50
Bumi adds a fun twist to fetch and tug-o-war with an innovative ôSö shape that flexes out to twice its length.
$22.50 $12.50
A floatable flyer that goes the distance, Zisc is a must-have toy for active dogs
$12.50 $10.50
A floatable flyer that goes the distance, Zisc is a must-have toy for active dogs.
$12.50 $10.50
This classic fabric dog bone toy will have your dog howling for more!
Adorable Heart Teething Toy for Puppies
Perfect toy to keep your dog occupied.

Quality dog food as well as Natural Pet Toys are healthy choices …

The bright, flexible and pet-friendly Zogoflex materials in the Tux, Tizzi, Hurley, Bumi and Jive natural pet toys will give your pooches hours of fun, ways to show off their moves and satisfy their need to look for food. These throwable, treat stuffable and tuggable toys are in different sizes to fit different tail-wagger demands. The Krazy Creatures pet toys are covered with recyclable materials of nylon and polyfill stuffing. The fun shapes in Purple Dragon, Pharaoh Dog, Tiger Alien and Zebra Cyclops have limbs in the shape of an “X” with squeakers securely stitched into the ends!

Since the canine nature is not only social and pack-loving, but also can be predatory, games and toys that teach your pooch are beneficial for growth and behavior. Our best fur friends need to play well with others and to learn obedience while getting necessary exercise. We know you will find that these eco friendly and natural pet products will put your own mind at ease when he or she uses her mouth and teeth to exercise instinctual habits. Just think, a toy for your beloved four-legged constant companion that is naturally safe, comes in bright colors, has fun shapes and keeps your buddy entertained! What more could a pampered, spoiled, loved and cherished doggie want from their master?

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