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Novelty Dog Beds

Novelty Dog Beds

Just for fun and comfort, give your pet a place to call his own with a dice or dome shaped playhouse/bed! The unique designs are just right for any décor and pet perfect when your dog realizes that he or she has their own place to hang out. Pet friendly material and portholes make these tent dog beds not only a place to play but also a pet hideaway when they need to nap.

 Doggies like to “kennel” themselves because it is their instinct to hide in a secure area (like their wolf ancestors.) Cats and kittens love to play hide and seek because it is a fun thing for them to do! Why not provide a great looking and handy personal space for your buddies with tails to not only hang out, play and hide, but also to rest when they get tired?

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Big Sky is the perfect throw for any couch, chair or car by West Paw
$39.50 $29.50

Your cat or dog will love their very own pet play yard especially when you add a plush blanket...

 These PetZip Dome and cube shaped play yards are the cleverest way to have a portable or fixed play area for your single pup or multiple pets. One look at these adorable structures and you can just imagine what fun you will have (not to mention your pets) when you introduce them to their new abode!
The PetZip Dice Dome Play Yard is so easy to zip together and set up anywhere in a room. In several color choices, this cubed shape pet home has mesh covers over the portholes so your small tail waggers can pop in and out at will. The collapsible frame folds up neatly when you want to put it away or carry it with you for visits and travel. Don’t worry…your pet’s grand parents will not mind this play cube to set up while they take care of your precious fur pal for you!
The Little Dome PetZip Dog Bed is another play shape for smaller pets (under 25 lbs. total weight,) for a content space to curl up or hide when they need to claim their own indoors space away from all the commotion! Or enjoy seeing your fur baby play peek-a-boo using the mesh ventilation window. This portable shape is also very lightweight and easy to unzip, fold up and go! Eco-friendly materials make these pet palaces safe and easy to care for, plus they look so cute and contemporary anywhere you set them down! Add the Big Sky Pet Blanket to the floor of the Dome or Cube pet home and you have a cozy environment for your beloved doggie or kitty to call their own.
We call these bedding products (Just for Fun and Comfort” beds because we think you will agree that they are just too cool for words and that you and your pet will enjoy daily use of this fantastic way to identify your four-pawed friend’s personal space! At the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique, you can always contact us by phone, email or text to ask questions about our products. We are happy to hear from you and help you make the decisions about which items are just right for you and your woofing or meowing best buddy!

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