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Natural & Organic Dog Beds

Natural and Organic Dog Beds

Going “green” is oh so right for your furry best friends when you give them Natural and Organic Pet Beds. Whether it is the outside material or the inside stuffing, you will be happy to know your dog is sleeping on a bed that is good for his tired body, comfortably padded and environmentally safe.
 Does your fur baby need a place of their own to go to when they are tired and need their beauty rest? Is your puppy getting too big to share your sleep or rest spot? Is your older canine needing a softer location to rest their aging joints? Then our collection of eco-friendly beds that are flat or bumper-sided; rectangle or oval and especially plush will be what you and Fido are looking for!

Read more about eco-friendly pet beds below.
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Stylish & eco friendly dog floor/crate mats made out of recycled soda bottles
$39.50 $29.50
Heyday dog bed is the perfect choice for both the older pet dogs and the new born puppies...and all dogs in between
$94.50 $79.50

Give your fur buddy a cozy eco-friendly dog bed and watch as they head straight for it at rest time...

The Montana Nap Dog Mat in 5 sizes and 11 colors is made from recycled materials that are 3rd party tested for safety and comfort! Your fur pals will love to spread out, curl up or simply “stay” when you introduce them to this cozy eco-friendly  dog bed! The Organic Bumper Dog Bed is completely made with “Inteliloft” recycled materials that not only give your pet a cozy place to lie down, but is also machine washable with a removable zippered cover for easy care! In 6 sizes from XS to XXL, you can fit this bright colored bed (5 colors to choose from) anywhere in your home’s décor. The West Paw Design Bumper Dog Bed with Cotton twill cover is also stuffed with recycled “Intelliloft” materials for a cushy and eco-certified padding. Mix and Match the colors for your own design theme style and choose from 6 sizes to fit all sized woofers from teacup to large sporting breeds.! Another made in Montana pet bed, the Heyday Dog Bed with Microsuede is also eco-tested with recycled padding for an orthopedic rest, plus washable, durable and easy to care for external outer material. Who says paws cannot tell the difference in material feel? Not us! This microsuede fabric is nothing short of luxurious!
As you read the descriptions for each of these natural and eco-friendly dog beds, you will be pleased to know that the recycled padding from plastic soda bottles has been rigorously tested for harmful substances by a 3rd party laboratory that certifies their safety for pets! You will also love that the removable cover materials are machine washable as well as easy to wipe clean between washings. What more could your buddy with paws wish for? These are the coziest and most beautiful beds for dogs you will find, along with the assurance that they are pet and environmentally friendly. You can always contact us by phone, email or text so we can answer your questions or concerns about which dog products are perfect for you and your pampered pooch! After all, the staff at our online Boutique all have the privilege of touching, testing, sniffing, washing, using and pawing our products by our own furry tail waggers! So you can rest assured that our products are pet tested! Woof!

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