Majestic Luxury Dog Carrier by Hello Doggie
Hello Doggie Majestic Carrier for Pets

Majestic Luxury Dog Carrier by Hello Doggie

Black Luxury Hello Doggie Majestic Dog Carrier

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2008 - 2009
Hello Doggie
  • Black Majestic Luxury pet carrier details:High-end travel dog carrier by Hello Doggie crafted in the USA
  • Designer material, trim and stitching with faux fur pad interior
  • Two each interior and exterior pockets for carrying basic necessities
  • Convertible straps for hand, shoulder or backpack carrying
  • Two Sizes, Small for pets up to 6 lbs. and Large for those up to 8 lbs.

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Elite Luxury Majestic Pet Carrier for the Pampered Pup..

Luxury travel with your pet deserves only the best in a high-end pet carrier. Expertly crafted in the USA, the Majestic Luxury Dog Carrier by Hello Doggie is designed for your pet’s ultimate comfort as you travel by land, sea or air and for your ease of handling when moving through crowds. The vented zip top and side peep vent provide plenty of air circulation for your precious cargo. Two interior pockets and two exterior pockets make room for your own and your doggie’s travelling necessities. The fur pad inside creates the best curl up spot for your fur companion to rest, stand up, turn around a nestle back in while you are on the move. A safety tether attaches to his or her harness for even more pet stability. In luscious black rosebud material with couture touches in the handles and seams, few will recognize this glamorous black purse carrier for dogs as anything other than your own designer purse. Whether boarding your jet, yacht or limousine, you will be happy that you have such a classic way to take your four-pawed partner to enjoy the sights with you!
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