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Large Dog Strollers

Strollers for Large Dogs

Welcome to the large dog stroller page, part of the collection of Doggie Diva's discount dog strollers and pet strollers. While Toy and Miniature breeds can fit in most carriers easily, our larger pooches need a bit more space as well as a lot of comfort. So here is the right place to find just what you are looking for to stroll, jog and carry your bigger fur pal with you! Is your old doggie just too tired after a two block trek to the park? Do you have two new puppy siblings? Or maybe you have a new pup that you know will grow larger in the next year. We have the solutions for size accommodations to keep your precious fur partner cozy, cool and safe! 

Give your dog a break with a ride in our strollers for larger dogs...

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Extra large dog jogger pet stroller that converts to a bicycle trailer by PetZip
Extra large dog jogger that converts to a bicycle trailer by PetZip
Luxury designer "The Louie" monogram dog stroller / jogger by PetZip
$179.50 $169.50
3 Wheel All Terrain Pet Jogging Stroller in Yellow by PetZip
3 Wheel All Terrain Pet Jogging Stroller in Blue by PetZip
3 Wheel All Terrain Pet Jogging Stroller in Pink by PetZip
Large dog stroller for dog's up to 100 lbs.
The Sports XL Oversized Pet Stroller for Dogs
Luxury designer cream monogram dog stroller jogger by PetZip
$179.50 $169.50
The PetZip line of strollers for larger dogs includes the First Class and Sports XL models that give your pet a roomy bed to sit up and look out or lie down and nap! Interior padding is included, along with pockets and baskets for carrying accessories and snacks. The wheels are extra sturdy and designed for all terrains, so curbs and bumps will not be a problem. The Happy Trailer PetZip model is a stroller/jogger that also makes plenty of room for your larger fuzzy buddy to go along with you on jogs, strolls or shopping sprees! The ease of raising and collapsing these strollers for storage and quick use is a feature you will love. So is the attention to design detail in the colors and the Monogram style stroller that is as good as any designer purse! We think you will be surprised at how reasonably priced our stroller/joggers for big dogs are especially considering the high quality features of these carriages! Do not leave your prized tail wagger behind when you can take him or her with you in style and comfort that most babies would envy!

We are always happy to hear from you to advise you on the right sized stroller or jogger for your pet, so here are some large size dog guidelines: The Louie Monogram and First Class Jogger Strollers by Petzip can accommodate pets up to 45 lbs. The Petzip Sports XL stroller fits up to 40 lbs. While the Happy Trailer Dog Jogging Stroller can hold up to 75 lbs. Whether you have a large older doggie, two small breeds or a pup that is going to grow a lot, one of these PetZip carriages is meant to fit your outdoor fur partner’s needs! Contact us by phone, email or text to get your questions answered so you know you are choosing the best way to fit your larger pup. When you read about these large dog strollers, be sure to note the sizing measurements as well as how the stroller looks when you fold it up. What we like the most about these PetZip lines of carriages is their quality, ease of use and storage, along with all the color and design choices you have to pick!

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