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Kwigy-Bo Dog Carrier Brown Alexa
Alexa Purse in Brown

Kwigy-Bo Dog Carrier Brown Alexa


The lightest weight item to carry your dog in that we sell!

Ships within 2-3 Business Days (if you need it to leave us faster, please contact us)
Kwigy-Bo (Pet Royalty)
  • Kwigy-Bo dog carriers: luxurious & beautiful.
  • Two convenient carrier sizes.
  • Dog carrier perfect for all pets, dogs, cats, puppies, etc...
  • Looks like a purse, completely hides your dog if you want to.
  • High quality silver hardware.

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Kwigy-Bo Alexa Bag

With the Alexa Bags by designer Kwigy-Bo, you can't go wrong. Heads will be turning, move over Chanel!!! KB carriers will give you a run for your money. These luxury pet purses are amazing accessories for you and your pet! If you haven't heard of them, you have now, you will be happy you did! Here at Doggie Diva, we LOVE Kwigy-Bo and the products they make! Kwigy Bo makes the most beautiful, high quality dog carriers that fully conceal and look like purses, on the market today. Comfortable, classy, light weight, stylish... pet carriers both you and your special canine will feel good in. For a simple and quality dog carrier, take a look at the this puppy purse in brown nylon. Have your small dog travel while embraced by style and comfort with the removable quilted comfort pad and roll down side flaps for privacy. Well-made and long lasting, the Alexa bag has a nylon interior and exterior, inner and outer storage pockets and an interior safety strap. The sister bag to the Alex is designed to be an airline dog carrier and is acceptable on most flights. This soft sided carrier also comes in black and camouflage, listed separately and all come in two sizes, see the size chart below. Only the large is being brought back for currently, for the smaller size bags, please see the KB Alex bags in black or brownáor black luxe, they now come in small, finally!
Best dog carrier I have found this far. I already own 4 Alex bags and this was my first Alexa. I like the Kwigy-Bo bags because they look like a purse and are just the right size - most other dog carriers are to big and uncomfortable to carry around. Also Alex and Alexa bags offer plenty of pockets for me and my dogs stuff so you do not have to carry 2 bags. I do wish Kwigy-Bo would offer an even smaller size for the tcup puppy :-)
Reviewed by:  from Birmingham, AL. on 8/9/2012
Bag User
I do really like the look of this bag. It looks like a knock off Chanel, which is nice. The pockets could stand to be a little bigger. I put his leash, harness, food, foldable water bowls and pee pads in the front and back pockets. I can't really go anywhere without those things for him so I just have to stuff everything in and the bag looks chunky. The other thing is the bag doesn't stand on its own. So when my puppy is inside, it folds back down on top of him. I tried folding it the other way while he isn't inside in the hopes that it would stand straight but it still folds at the sides. That's probably my biggest complaint.
Reviewed by:  from Washington, DC. on 6/12/2016
Great doggie carrier. Very stylish and functional
Reviewed by:  from Ny. on 4/15/2013
I used my Kwigy Bo Dog carrier for my 8lb Chihuahua during holiday travels. We took a 6 hour flight from Miami to San Francisco. The easiest part of our flight; knowing my pup was comfortable and fashionable throughout. Dinky jumps into his bag with pride when we set out for travels now. This product is the best for long or short trips.
Reviewed by:  from Miami Beach, FL. on 1/16/2013
Love the bag, and so does my little yorkie. I ordered the black one. Perfect size, enough pockets for leash, wallet and keys! No one ever knows my dog is in it!!
Reviewed by:  from Clearwater Beach. on 9/5/2012
Really beautiful carrier, comfortable and great quality. My dog loves it and fits in it great. Rachel at Doggie Diva was so helpful, great customer service. Thanks!
Reviewed by:  from Richmond, VA. on 5/6/2011
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