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Dog Carrier Seat Belt Loop by Jaraden
Jaraden Seat Belt Loop

Dog Carrier Seat Belt Loop by Jaraden

A seat belt accessory for your doggie carrier to be secured to the seat while driving

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Drive safely with your dog using a pet carrier seat belt fastener...

The Jaraden seat belt loop was invented to help keep the Jaraden dog carrier in place while you are driving your pet. It's a handy product that goes great with all of the pet carriers. This seat belt loop simply takes your human car seat belt and secures it in place on most dog carriers. ***This not a safety device***. To use the carrier seat belt loop, all you have to do is place your favorite dog carrier in your car seat and fasten the seat belt to the carrier using the loop. Then you will want to attach the loop to any of the round rings on your pet carrier or anywhere you can attach it to. Last, you would unlock the clip and attach the clip around the vehicles seat belt. You can email Doggie Diva for specific directions but the dog seat belt secure loop comes with instructions and our product page shows how this dog carrier seat belt loop should be set up. *** Clearance - Final Sale Item ***
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