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Jaraden Purse

Posted by Doggie Diva on 7/16/2012 to Carriers & Blankets

Get  all-round dogs carriers with the Jaraden Le Petit  

This is simply because you cannot always plan on what you may need. Even if comfort is something that you want to prioritize, practicality is also essential. Without a practical pet bag, you may find yourself at a loose end if ever on a long trip. Luckily Jaraden are well known for their incredibly luxurious doggie carriers. The Le Petit  canine carrier is a prime example of a designer doggie bag that incorporates a large number of features into a soul bag.
Luckily Jaraden are well known for their high quality pet carriers. The Mon Ami dog carrier is a prime example of a designer bag that incorporates numerous qualities into the carriers. Mon Ami Petit not big enough? Then take a look at one of the original Mon Ami Carriers, accomodates up to 15lbs in size.

Not only does the Jaraden pet carrier combine luxury and comfort, but practicality is there too. The Le Petit is part of the incredible Jaraden couture dog collection, along with the Jaraden Windsor couture dog carrier, the Soho, Getaway, Shacara and Cambridge (Jaraden's man friendly line). These amazing small carrriers can make the perfect addition to any pooch bags that you already own, simply because it combines so much that you can want from it – both beauty and complete practicality.

The carrier designed almost perfectly for a smaller size doggies, with larger sizes being available should you need them. You can store almost anything you could need in this bag when out and about with your pet. It really does manage to combine both practicality and style, so you will love it for whatever purpose you use it for, whether as a general Fido bag or something more in your day to day travels.
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