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Dogs Attend Social Events in Jaraden Cute Dresses

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 2/1/2014 to Pet Apparel
Cute Jaraden Dresses

Just because we are your doggie baby, does not mean we like to always go au naturel. Please add Jaraden Fido dresses to our wardrobe to go with our pretty collar, leash and harness.. Here at the Doggie-Diva Store, we have the most adorable animal dresses ($34.95) you will ever see. Our outfit can match or complement yours. Our materials are just as trendy as yours are.

Spring Flowers Jaraden Dogs Dress

Party Dog DressWhen you take me with you to soirees or garden parties, this Jaraden dress ($34.95) is what I require. The yellow background with a small print in pastel flowers is simply beautiful. The bright pink silk sash shows off my lovely figure. I want one for May Day or before, please!

Jaraden Polka Dot Dress

Cute Dog DressYou know how much I love to attend cocktail parties with you in cutesy pup clothes. So, this fashionable black with white polka dot ($34.95) and silk pink sash is just right. I could even take this dress into the dinner hour, if you carry me with you. I will look too cute for words and you will get all the attention. Now that is a deal you will like!

Doggie Christmas Dress

Christmas DressNow, Mom, while you are in the shopping mood, the Jaraden Christmas Dress ($34.95) is necessary for our next Christmas gatherings. It is a velvety and silky mix of black and red that matches our decorations perfectly! This is a great dress for your annual Egg Nog party. Maybe that handsome Lab, Georgie will pay attention to me this year!

Finally, you do not have to dress me up for all occasions, just special ones.Just give me a wardrobe of Jaraden cute canine dresses to go with my collars, harnesses and leashes from the Doggie-Diva Store. They really love doggie fashion sense and I love you!

Your best partner,

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