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Horgan Dog Harness
The Horgan No Pull Harness: Side View

Horgan Dog Harness

The Horgan Harness is the first back leg, no pull harness that actually works!

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Hannadees, Inc

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The Horgan Harness is pretty amazing. Here at Doggie Diva we have tested it ourselves on Rain, resident Doggie Diva product tester. Rain is one of the smartest dog's you would ever meet. She is an Australian Shepherd who knows almost 40 tricks/commands at only one year old. But this smarty for some reason just could never master walking on a leash. We have tried trainers and treat training and everything else but nothing would stop her, until now. We were amazed by the results and wanted to pass that on to our customers. The Horgan Dog Harness is all about the legs!

THIS REALLY WORKS, SEE VIDEO ABOVE! It may look funny, but all of us at Doggie Diva promise this amazing dog harness will transform your strong pulling dog into a new walker! What dogs and most no pull dog harness makers don't realize is most of the power of a dog comes from the back legs and not the front. If your dog can just understand where their power comes from, it is then controllable, like in the Horgan Pet Harness. And the Horgan Harness is completely safe, humane and pain free. Please don't use choke or prong collars, we beg you! You don't need them once you try and train your dog naturally with this small and big dog harness. This dog harness pulls less at your dog's neck than walking them with a regular collar and leash. Also, despite its complicated look, it's really simple to put on. And for once it actually feels good to walk your dog! The Horgan Dog Harness is a true life saver!
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