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Get Ready for MLB Dog Days at the Park

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/30/2017 to MLB Baseball

Where to find, how to dress and what to take to watch MLB games with your dog…

MLB  dog gearWhen you are a huge fan of Major League Baseball, llive near a home field and have a dog, it is hard to resist taking your fur buddy to one of the MLB special “Bark in the Park” home game events! Here is a run down of how to find out when your team’s events for dogs will take place and how to assure your four-pawed fan is prepared to enjoy the occasion.

Where to look up MLB dog promotional games

The main Major League Baseball website is a complete guide to all things MLB, like schedules for all teams, stats, player information, predictions an much more. We have found in years past that when you MLB Dog Jerseygo to your favorite team’s page you can get direct information on special promotion home game events, like “Bark in the Park” dates. Here is the link to the Team by Team MLB Schedule. “Promotional” events under each schedule is where you will get details.

We found an especially good summary on the Atlanta Braves MLB site about how to know if your pet is right for a baseball night Bark in the Park event. For all teams that have these special games, be sure to read all the attendance instructions carefully!

How to dress your dog for the game

The next place to get the right game attire for your dog is right here at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique! We have all the teams in the National and American Leagues on our MLB pet gear page, so simply click MLB Dog Shirton your team and look at your pup’s wardrobe choices! Maybe your wee or large K9 sport needs an official collar and matching leash. Or if you live in the cooler home game sites, a nice jersey with your team’s logo and colors proudly displayed on them will be your pooch’s favorite game day shirt. Our MLB official bandanas are great for instant fan recognition when worn around your furry athlete’s neck!
Of course, pet sportswear is not just for attending games! You will want to be sure that you and your tail wagger show your MLB support wherever you go! So, choose from not only jerseys, but also tees and tanks in different fabrics and colors to fit the occasion. When it comes to collars and leashes, you have even more choices, with nylon webbed, ribbon or leather logo dog walking gear to pick from!

What to pack in your tote for your dog

When you plan to take your ear flopper sport with you to watch games away from home, be sure to pack the basic necessities for a day out. Portable food bowls are handy if you plan to have a long day away from home. Make room for snacks and water in your tote. Also, an official MLB plush baseball orMLB Dog Toy bat toy is great to have when your fur baby gets restless! For those of you with little breeds or mixes, our pet carriers are a great way to keep your small furry cargo near you and give them a place to rest during the game!

Opening day for Major League Baseball is April 3rd, so get ready, be prepared and plan to include your favorite four-pawed sports partner in all the fun.

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