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Trendy Doggie Collars are More Than a Collar

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/7/2014 to Collars & Ties
Hey, Doggie Masters, Fashionable Dogs Collars Give us Attitude!!It is a known fact among us canines that when we wear a collar, we also wear an attitude. My owner mom and her friends all know a lot about style, so we expect the same interest in our fashionable dogs collars. Doggie-Diva Boutique has a huge variety of collars to match all our personalities and moods.

The Chevron Collar by Bow-Wow Couture

My Boxer pooch buddy, Bruiser, looks handsome in his Chevron Collar ($16.95) when he parades in the park. His owner Dad is a military man, and he is proud of Bruiser’s snappy obedience. When Bruiser and his dad leave the house, they march down the street, parade to the park and rest at the fountain. Those two guys turn lots of heads with their stature and clothes. Bruiser’s Chevron cotton collar is machine washable. The best part of the design is the curved snap release that fits smartly on Bruiser’s neck. He wears his dog tag attached to the nickel-plated ring. The Chevron comes in seven colors, and Bruiser’s is deep blue. Want to know why? He and his dad are USAF! You can spot them easily as “off they go” to the park.

Customized Rhinestone Big Dog Collar

You must see this collar, to appreciate its elegance. Suzie, my Great Dane neighbor, has an issue with finding the right size for her frame. The Customized Rhinestone Collar ($17.95) is her favorite accessory. It has a two-tone snakeskin finish, which is nice. But the BEST part is her name in rhinestones that decorate the collar. You can get customized doggie collars with rhinestone letters specially placed on the snakeskin for you, and you may even add charms for more bling. In XL for dogs necks that measure 19”-22,” big dogs do not have to be left out of the fashion circle. Suzie proudly holds her head up when she steps out with her beautiful owner mom.

Madras Doggie Collar Plaid by Bow-Wow Couture

I may have mentioned Pookie, the black Standard Poodle that lives on my block. You must hear what she got for Spring. She has a Madras Plaid cotton collar ($16.95) that is smashing! Her owner dad is what some called a “yuppie” in the old days. Her dad is a retired banker, and his wife is very active in social charities. Pookie attends committee meetings, social and charity events with her owner parents. Her fabulous madras collar is the talk of the ladies' luncheons at the café and the men’s club on Thursdays. But there is more. The madras plaid collar has a matching bow tie and leash. On Sundays, the Mr. and Mrs. Take her for a stroll around the city squares to meet and greet friends. You will not be able to miss Pookie in her preppie madras collar and leash.

Collar by Bow-Wow Couture

My newest country house neighbor, Connie, the Bichon Frise, is almost her full size, at 8 lbs. Her parents bought her a Sassy Pants Collar ($16.95) from Doggie-Diva Dog Store, and she looks fabulous! The Sassy Pants collar has a black background with tiny white dots all over it. On Connie’s white fluffy fur, the effect is perfect. She can go anywhere in that collar. In fact, she dresses it up with a flower that has the matching polka-dot detail in the center. Connie is a funny one, though. Since she has discovered that she can dress up, she never leaves home without one of her fancy cotton collars. In fact, if she is outside naked these loud “yap-yaps” echo around the yard so you cannot miss her irritation. Her mom brings out her collar, and Connie is all smiles.

What is my collar style, you ask? I like cotton pup collars a lot and I wear different ones when we go into town on a leash. Mostly I am in the yard with my fence collar to keep me from chasing motorcycles in the neighborhood. Ever since I was a pup, the sound of a motorcycle gets me fired up, and I want to race them. BUT, after a bad spill in my youth, I am staying in my yard, and my fence collar reminds me to behave.

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