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Chinese Crested Dogs Fit Perfectly in Royal Majesty Dog Sweatsuit

Posted by Allison Edrington - Rev on 1/13/2012 to Pet Apparel

Doggie Jumpsuits

Owners of hairless doggies find the look and personality of their canines to be adorable, but caring for them isnt always easy. This goes especially for Chinese crested pups, which is why we have heard so many rave reviews from owners about our velour Tracksuits.

Getting a sweatsuit for dogs may seem a little over the top, but for the owners of hairless breeds, these are a life saver. Especially in winter or in cold coastal climates, fur-less doggies can suffer from the weather.

Juicy Dog SweatsuitNothing is sadder than seeing a cute little pooch shivering from the cold with no fur to protect it. The puffs of fur on the Chinese crested paws and heads dont really help keep the heat in, either. Not only is this uncomfortable for the puppy, but it can also have negative health impacts, making it more likely to catch a virus or other disease. Long walks in the summer can also be a problem, as hairless dogs can get sunburned just like humans can.

The Royal Majesty Velour Sweatsuits for Canines was designed with dogs bodies in mind and serves as the perfect outfit for a chilly canine or one with easily burned skin. Our customers with Chinese crested poochs have told us that these sweatsuits are some of the only clothes that fit the unusually long-bodied breed.

Even if you own the Powderpuff variety of Chinese crested doggies (i.e. the kind with fur), the Velour Dog Sweatsuit will still help keep them warm if taken for a jog on a cold day and it is one of the few pieces of Fido clothing that naturally fits the Chinese crested.

Also, fun fact: Chinese crested four legged friends are probably not originally from China. They are more likely from areas in either Africa or Mexico.


Date 2/4/2012 8:49:04 AM
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