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Fido Feels at Home with Travel Beds, Even When on the Road

Posted by Allison Edrington - Rev on 12/28/2011 to Beds & Harnesses

Travel Dog Bed at Doggie Diva

Beds for Travel With Your Four-Legged Friends

You have seen your Fido sniff around your home, new locations, other people and other pets enough to know that your canine’s most powerful sense is smell. His eye sight may be OK and you know his sense of taste can’t be that great (since you’ve seen what he has tried to eat), but he is able to pick up event faint scents. That is why a travel doggie bed is a perfect match for a canine who travels regularly.

Whether you take your dog to a friend’s house while you are away or you are traveling across country with him in the backseat, your pet is exposed to a million new scents that can overstimulate his brain. To make the trip a little easier, pick up a travel dogster bed.

Having a dog bed that smells like home will be a great comfort to a pooch that is being dislocated, even if it is only temporarily. It becomes his portable fortress of the familiar.

Though it may seem like a big deal to you, having a crate bed made just for dogs can be useful all year round and reduce your dog’s stress level while you travel. These cozy pet travel pillows fit neatly in a crate. When you aren’t traveling, your pup can lie next to the heater and be off the floor on his travel pet bed, which is especially important during the winter if you have hardwood floors in your home.

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