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Doggles Dog Glasses
ILS Doggles Protective Eyewear for Dogs

Doggles Dog Glasses


ILS Doggles Protective Dog Eyewear / Doggie Goggles

Ships within 2-3 Business Days (if you need it to leave us faster, please contact us)
  • Doggles dog glasses come in 5 sizes & fit dogs 2 lbs - 200 lbs
  • Worn by working dogs: K9 Units, border patrol dogs, search & rescue, etc...
  • Cool & fashionable plus much needed UV protection!
  • Vet Ophthalmologists Recommended!!!

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Yes, we said it, pet goggles for motorcycles, boats, car rides, fashion, etc!!!

Protective ILS Doggles for Dogs Eyes... Sunglasses or goggles for your dog you ask? If you answer yes to any of the following questions then Doggles dog glasses may be the right eye wear for your dog! Does your dog ride with his head out of the car window? Ride on a motorcycle? Truck? Sensitive to bright light? Run through brush? Hang out on the beach or at ski resorts? Fashion minded? Work the beat? Have an eye disorder? There are many uses for Doggles dog goggles / sunglasses!

Doggles dog glasses products are designed just for dogs with a deeper lens cup (because dogs have protruding eyes), wide nose bridge (because dogs have a really big nose), foam padding around the entire frame, and soft adjustable head and chin straps. Doggles ILS come in 5 sizes, to fit dogs 2 lbs - 200 lbs. The lenses are interchangeable, so you can change color for time of the day or situation.

Doggles eyewear products and designs are protected by three patents. Doggles dog glassescreated these unique dog eyewear products to help dogs who need eye protection from the sun's harmful rays, flying debris, wind, rocks, or bugs. The deep lens cup keeps the lens away from the eye, preventing potentially dangerous rubbing or hitting of the eye. The lenses are shatterproof to protect from flying bugs, rocks, or other objects while riding in cars (head out the window), motorcycles, or properly secured in pickup trucks.

Our Doggles dog glassware worn by working dogs all over the world: K9 Units, Border Patrol dogs, Search and Rescue, are just some of them. Doggles dog glassesare recommended by Vet Ophthalmologists to protect their patients in all types of situations and also after some types of eye surgery. Dogs need UV protection just as humans do, and if your dog is out and about with you, and you have your sunglasses on, your dog should be wearing Doggles dogglassesto protect its eyes from harmful UV rays as well. Your dog can't tell you his eyes hurt. Be proactive and help your dog help its own eyes.

And don't forget that Doggles glasses in the height of fashion! Check out our pink and lilac colors too!
I was looking for something to protect my little dogs eye's, when we go bike riding. So, theses Doggles glasses were perfect for my 6 lb 5 oz Pomsky . I bought the extra small Icy Blue with Blue lenes and they fit perfectly on him. Just right. Now my little guy's eye's are protected; like mine. He looks so cute in them. I'm so glad that I ordered. theses very well made glasses. Theses Doggles glasses arrived in my mailbox within three days. Which was a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend buying Doggles glasses for your pets eyes.
Reviewed by:  from Fremont CA. on 12/27/2015
We gave the googles as a Christmas gift to a Pug. they were really nicely made and good looking. they fit "Magoo" very well and he looked handsome.
Reviewed by:  from Candia, NH. on 3/6/2013
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