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Tug Toys

Tug Dog Toys

Dogs are pack animals and appreciate having others to play with, so our Tug Dog Toys are perfect to fulfill your fur buddy’s social instincts! Plus, these toys are a great way to teach proper manners and behaviors when you give them an object that they are allowed to use with their teeth! 

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Duck Pentapull Dog Toy
Hedgehog Pentapull Dog Toy
Raccoon Pentapull Dog Toy
Squirrel Pentapull DogToy
Bumi adds a fun twist to fetch and tug-o-war with an innovative ôSö shape that flexes out to twice its length.
$22.50 $12.50
A floatable flyer that goes the distance, Zisc is a must-have toy for active dogs.
$12.50 $10.50
Tough large dog toy in bones, camo, leopard or paws
Tough large disk pet toy in bones, camo, leopard or paws
Tough large tug dog toy in bones, camo, leopard or paws

FUr teethers and gnawers enjoy tug toys for dogs that give them a challenge...

When you introduce these durable, bright colored toys with multiple appendages to your active pooch, they will probably shake it, toss it, run with and chew on it. Not to worry, though, these well-made tug toys for doggies are made to last with tough materials that are pet and eco-friendly! The Pentapull Toys are so cute, you will not be able to resist them for your own fun with your tail wagger! Made with critter body shapes, like the Hedgehog, Raccoon, Duck and Squirrel, these five-limbed tuggers are designed for K9 play with you or another doggie or two! Made with 4 layers of 1680 denier nylon for super durability, both the gentleness of the material on canine teeth as well as your hands will make this a favorite training tool! The Big Dog Tri-Pull is great for the stronger breeds and mixes and comes with a handle for you. Good for play with you or other fur pals, your larger pooch will appreciate the sturdy material that is eco-friendly as well as the nice stuffing that cushions the teeth when pulling! The Tuffy line of tug toys has a fleece cover that is layered over even tougher materials for long term durability, while remaining soft on your larger dog’s teeth and gums. Made for pups over 20 lbs., these Tuffy selections come in Boomerang, ring and multi-legged Tug-o-War Shapes. You will also love the choice of colors in this variety of pull toys! For land or pool use, the Zogoflex pull toys are not only bright and cheery, but also flexible in their ability to bounce and float! The stretchy Bumi and two-legged Tizzy dog toys are made 100% recyclable non-toxic, dishwasher safe material. In Tangerine, Granny Smith Green or Aqua these pretty colors will attract your furry friend as soon as you bring it out for play! When you present these innovative tug toys for puppy socialization, hunting job training or mutual exercise between you and your fur BFF or other doggies, be sure to supervise their play to prevent excess chewing or biting with all those teeth involved in the game! Since the canine species prefers company to being alone, we think you will appreciate the sturdiness yet gentleness of our pull toy products. The staff at Doggie Diva has doggies of all sizes and shapes, so you can be sure that our products have been tugged, pulled, sniffed, tossed, run with and pawed for true pet testing! You can give us a call or send us an email or text with questions about which durable tug toys will fit your dog’s characteristics and size. Your precious tail waggers will love that you thought enough about their personalities to get them a toy that requires resistance which means they will not have to play with it all by themselves! And, after all, isn’t that why we have partners with paws and tails? To spoil and love them by being there to actively bond with them in training and playtime!

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