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Dog Toys That Are Fun for Both of You

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/17/2017 to Toys & Games

Entertain, train and distract your dog with clever pet toys…

Small to large dogs need to explore their world with their mouths and dog toys are a great way to keep them from forming bad chew habits! The cleverest dog toys are good for chewing, catching, retrieving and cuddling, so here are some fun pet toys from the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique that will fit your fur Dog Chew Toybuddy’s curiosity and desire for play time!

Chew Toys
When a young dog needs to shed those baby teeth they will chew on anything that helps. Baby teeth in canines will come out easily when your pup has a soft or plush chew toy to gnaw on. But, the habit may linger when the new teeth come in and your dog wants something bigger to gnaw on! Here is where sturdy and durable chew toys are a must, to keep your furniture, pillows, shoes and other valued property from getting damaged.
At Doggie Diva, we have Indestructible Dog Toys ($7.50-$16.50 Now On sale) by West Paw Design that are so chew-worthy, they have a one-time replacement guarantee if your pooch manages to destroy them! In familiar shapes like bones, balls, discs, tug and treat toys, these squishy and colorful toys for pets are made from durable Zogoflex patented exclusively by West Paw manufacturers. Oh yes, and they are also eco-friendly with their bouncy, recyclable, non-toxic and pliable material.

Toss and Catch Toys
Some of the best training you can give a new or seasoned pup is a pull or tug toy that you can toss in Dog Tug Toythe air for them to catch and retrieve. Add the ability for a toy to be tugged on by you or other doggie pals and you have a truly versatile training and play pet toy!  The Pentapull dog toy collection ($15.00) has a cute and goofy looking face with tail on it and four pully arms in the form of an X, each stuffed with a hidden squeaker. No worries, the strong material and stitching will survive as you toss and teach your dog to stalk, hunt and retrieve these funny pull toys with their duck, squirrel, hedgehog and raccoon faces! The Tuffy Dog Toy ($14.95-$17.95) selection is super durable with its fleece-like external cover over sturdy soft luggage type plastic coated interior fabric.  The seam bindings are expertly stitched for softness on your pooch’s gums as well as sturdiness for frequent use. In Boomerang, Ring and Tug-o-War styles, your dog will be the best trained athlete on the block!

Plush Dog Toys
Not all dog toys are meant for super athletic breeds. Small and medium fur buddies may prefer a soft and cuddly toy that you can toss to them when they want to play and they can cuddle up to them when they tire. We have the cutest Plush Dog Toys ($7.00-$12.50) with a twist and sense of humor! The Plush Dog ToyHaute Diggity Dog collection of satirically named and shaped squishy toys are so much fun for both you and your tail wagger that you will find yourself packing one in your purse to have everywhere you two go! Why? Using little designer purses, like the Pawda, Chewy Vuiton and Michael Klaws toy bags; Arfsolut, Puptron and Muttgarita bottle and drink shapes; designer shoes like Manolo Barknik and Jimmy Chew’ and many more 5 to 9 inch plush pet toys to toss, catch, chew or snuggle, you and your four-pawed partner are in for hours of giggles, smiles and laughs!

The Doggie Diva family thinks you and your own doggies will love the variety and unique qualities of our collection of pet toys that are perfect for entertaining, teaching and playing with your pointy or floppy eared best friend! When you need a gift for another dog lover, be prepared to earn lots of points when you give one of these extraordinary and fun pet toys!

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