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Dog shoes are a must for protection when your best friend takes walks with you in unpredictable weather or on rough surfaces. From giant dog boots to The "original" Pawz booties or Pawz boots in black; the dog shoes and boots we carry fit just right for walking on gravel, snow, pavement, salted streets and hot sidewalks. Many pet protective footwear products slip off your pet’s feet, but not ours! These washable and disposable/reusable pet shoes come in packages of 12. Your dog will thank you when you place these comfortable, easy to wear booties on her feet for her next stroll with you.

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Pawz pet boots - the amazing, disposable, reusable shoe your pet will keep on!
Pawz dog boots - the amazing, dispoable, reusable dog shoe your dog will keep on!
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Adorable boots for your pet that will actually stay on!
Winter boots for your large breed pup.
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Dog Shoes and Boots Like Pawz Help Dogs Keep Their Paws Protected and Clean...

Hey there…you are not the only one who likes to strut your stuff in your Manolo’s, strappy sandals and boat shoes! Your precious pal with paws needs some foot protection too, plus a little style and comfort added is always nice to give your fur buddy! Our selection of shoes and boots  for four-legged partners is perfect for many reasons, not the least of which is paw safety! Ever feel bad about walking along side your tail wagger on hot concrete, macadam or beach sand? Ever wonder how your pup’s tootsies can stand that cold snowy or icy ground? Maybe you thought there was no such thing as foot gear for doggies! Now you know, there is an answer to your best fuzzy buddy’s foot dilemma.

PawZ Booties are made from a lightweight and thin rubber material that is biodegradable and eco-friendly, which is good for the “disposable” aspect of this dog footwear. But, each bootie can be reused for several wearings and the pack of 12 will last like a pair of your own knee-highs or socks do! Each size from Tiny to Extra Large comes in a cheery, bright color so do not worry…fashion is always a consideration in dogwear from Doggie Diva! When you slip these booties on, your four-pawed pal will not even know they are wearing shoes! They can still feel the ground under their precious paws! The booties are also unshakable, so you will not need to worry about four-legged dancing with the desire to lose the shoes! And did we mention how great these pet shoes are for your furniture, wood and tile floors as well as your delicate fabrics? No more scratch marks, mud paw prints, ripped or picked leather and material!

But, enough about you! Your doggie will love that he or she can prance around outdoors without fear of getting sand spurs, bug bites, rock bits or sunburn on their feet! Plus, you will love that your aging tail wagger will no longer need to struggle, slip and slide on your wood and tile floors when they try to get up from a nice nap! The rubber material gives them all the traction they crave on these challenging indoor floor coverings. Also available in black (on sale too) we think you will wonder how on earth you and Woofie ever got by without these shoes for canines! Just think, you and your tiny fur companion, like a miniature poodle all the way up to your very large Great Dane can step out in any kind of weather or conditions with the security of knowing that his or her paws and claws are safe and comfortable!
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