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Keep Doggie Toes Off the Ice with Pets Shoes

Posted by Allison Edrington (rev) on 12/8/2013 to Shoes & Boots
Keep Doggie Feet Ice-Free with Canine Shoes

We wouldn't think about heading outside without shoes on when it's cold, but you don't always give a second thought to your doggie's toes. While some climates don't get cold enough for it to bother your pet's padded feet, snowy climates can be tough for your canine.

Pawz dog shoes protect your Fido's feet from the bitter cold of the snow, the salt used to remove snow

Pawz dog shoes

from roads, and most other hazards your pup might walk over. These disposable furry friend shoes come in several sizes to fit tiny dogs like teacup poodles to larger dogs like St. Bernards. Check out the sizing chart on the order page to see what size will fit your four legged friend best -- all you need to know is the width of your pet's paw. No zippers, straps, or snaps -- these just slip right on! They come in 12 packs and while they are considered “disposable,” each dog boot can actually be worn several times.. Pawz offers dog shoes in a rainbow of colors that vary by size ($11.95-$16.95) and plain black dog shoes ($12.95-$17.95). If you have some left over after winter, the Pawz shoes can also protect paws from sizzling sidewalks in summer.

Looking for other doggie winter gear? Stock up on dog sweaters, coats and rain jackets so she's prepared for however the weather turns. Dog clothes are also fun Christmas stocking stuffers and make excellent gifts!

And here's our question for you: What does your dog love to do during winter? Does she curl up next to the heater or fireplace? Snuggle lots in your lap?

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