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Dog Frisbees

We know how much fun you and your best fur athlete have when you toss Dog Frisbees. At Doggie Diva, we have some even more interesting variations on throwing dog toys! The variety of ways to play catch, fetch and retrieve are made easier and more entertaining with our selection of different shapes and textures.

How often have you used the same Frisbee you and your friends have, when playing with your dog? Does a hard, stiff Frisbee last long enough to survive canine activity too? Would your athletic yet older doggie prefer to catch a softer target? Does your best fur sport like to tug as well as chase moving objects?

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A floatable flyer that goes the distance, Zisc is a must-have toy for active dogs
$12.50 $10.50
Tough large dog toy in bones, camo, leopard or paws
Tough large disk pet toy in bones, camo, leopard or paws
Tough large tug dog toy in bones, camo, leopard or paws

Flying through the air gives your pup a workout with Throwing Dog Toys…

You will love the Zisc Eco-Friendly Dog Toy that looks and acts like a Frisbee, but is in bright colors, different sizes and is flexible in your catcher’s mouth. Plus the Zisc throwing dog toy comes with a one-time replacement guarantee! The Ultimate Tuffy throw tools in the shape of a Boomerang, Ring and Tug-O-War objects give a new meaning to the “fetch” command! This line of tough pet toys will stand up to multiple training sessions as well as many dog partners! The sturdy construction is also easy on the canine teeth for supervised games with you. Oh yes, and we cannot forget squeakers in the Tuffy line, because training becomes more focused when you give the toy a squeak (instead of a Clicker “click!”

Toys that you can throw to give sporting and working breeds exercise while teaching them skills need to be durable, interesting and, above all, FUN! When you give consideration to your pooch’s size, exercise requirements and temperament, we think you will find our collection of Frisbee-style toys the best answer for dogs of all activity levels. Be aware that the Ultimate Tuffy group are not meant for chewing and gnawing, so supervision will be needed with heavy-duty chewers. The nice part about the Zisc tool is that it is not only easy on the canine mouth, but also indestructible thanks to its flexibility. You can always send an email, call or chat online with us to get advice and answers to questions you have about our quality products.

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