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Dog Carriers for Any Occasion

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 6/18/2017 to Carriers & Blankets

How to always take your doggie with you for work, play and travel…

Since more places we go are dog friendly, it is much easier to take your furry best friend along when you want, using dog carriers that fit the situation. When your pup will spend all day at work, goes on errands or leaves on a jet plane with you, the Petote pet carrier crew have thought of all the best carriers to use! Proudly made in the USA, here are a few of our Petote favorites

All day adventures with your dog
The Petote Ariel Dog Carrier in Black ($239.50 is just the right answer for puppy comfort as well as elegant purse carrier looks! The smooth black faux leather exterior is richly accented with silver metal Petote Ariel Dog PUrse Carrierhardware for buckles, zipper and feet. The interior is lined with waterproof nylon and has a removable plush faux fur pad for your little fur pal’s coziness. A safety tether is included inside to attach to your tail wagger’s harness. Side vent windows give him or her plenty of air circulation plus a way to view their route with you. You will love the comfortable double handles and the convenient drop length for hand or shoulder carrying. The Petote Ariel dog carrier is made in only one size that is perfect for little fur partners that weigh up to 9 lbs.  With two front pockets and one long back pocket to carry extra items for you or your pooch, we think this Petote dog purse carrier will become your favorite accessory for work, special events and socializing with your small doggie!

Run errands with your little dog in tow
Here is a newly designed pet carrier to pop your pup into a carry bag and be on your way! The Petote Gigi Sling for Dogs (139.50) is made with a pretty quilted material on the outside and waterproof nylon lining on the inside. A faux fur pad lets your Toy, Miniature or new puppy breed snuggle while you two pPetote Gigi Dog Sling Carrierick up and go! The design in one size fits ear floppers up to 8 or 9 lbs. and has a 7 inch wide bottom to make them cozy as they lie down, turn around and peep out over the 10 inch high middle section. The canvas bottom on the pad and the semi-stiff bottom hold the purse’s shape as you set it down. Adjustable and removable shoulder straps make it easy to carry your fur baby with your hands free. Two deep side pockets with a snap flap closure give you room for your keys, wallet, sunglasses and puppy treats! In ivory or black, we know you will appreciate having this handy dog sling to take your best fur buddy along at a moment’s notice!

Leaving on a jet plane, train r yacht with your pup
The Petote Kele Dog Carrier in Navy ($134.50) is made with a non-collapsible frame in a kennel style that is the approved size for underseat airplane travel. In two sizes, Small and Large to fit small dogs up Kelle Travel Pet Carrierto 12 lbs. you will love the ease with which you can pack up your fur partner for a trip! End and front ventilation as well as side and front entry options make this a breezy way for your pet to know where you are headed. A faux fur pad keeps him or her snuggled in, while they ride along through terminals, concourses and boat ramps. The adjustable padded straps are easy on you, too, as you maneuver through traffic. Good-looking and supremely functional…what more do you need to take a trip with your beloved four-pawed travelling companion?

How to teach a new pup to kennel ride
Our favorite “Lucky Dog” TV show star, Brandon McMillan had a segment on Saturday’s show that addressed training a dog to ride in a travel kennel that rides in-compartment. Here in my words, is a summary of what he said. Also see the link below. 

Travel Kennel Training
  • Open carrier and place treat inside or at back of carrier
  • Once dog gets treat, say “good” and reward with another treat
  • Then progress to “Stay” while dog is in the carrier, say “good” and reward with treat
  • While dog is in carrier, play with zipper or closure sort of like playing peek-a-boo, with closing and opening zipper at short intervals. Say “good” and reward with a treat
  • When dog is comfortable with closed carrier, walk around the room and around them so they can see you.
  • When dog is happy staying in carrier, pick it up and set it down, then pick it up and walk around the room with it and set it down. 
  • Once the dog is comfortable being moved around in the carrier, take a short walk with them, either from room to room or outdoors.
  • Open carrier and leave it until they are ready to exit on their own.

Happy travels and trails for you with your furry best buds. Check out all of the Doggie Diva options for pet carriers that range from dog purse carriers to rolling wheeled bags!

CBS “Lucky Dog” show with Brandon McMillan 

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