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Car Seats & Boosters

Dog Car Seat

Most doggies love to hear the command “load up” when you are ready to take them for a ride in your car. Now you can take your smaller pets along with a dog car seat from Doggie Diva that keeps him or her secure and able to see out at the same time! Petzip has developed clever pet car seats that can put your mind at ease, while giving your pup a happy riding experience.
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A comfy and easy to fold up dog car seat by PetZip
A light weight and easy to fold up dog car seat by PetZip in orange!

Dog Booster Seats...

Take your furry rider along in the car with convenient Dog Booster Seats. Do you worry about your doggie being tangled up in seatbelt straps? Does your pooch like to stand up or turn around in the seat? Is it always a risk that your pup could be injured if you need to make sudden stops? The PetZip Lookout Car Seat is a great design that not only sits easily in your car’s bucket or bench seats, but also has lookout mesh so she can see all the sites and not feel boxed in. With a design that has zippers to assemble and secure this pet seat that folds up when not in use, you will love how convenient it is to grab and go. There is an interior leash to attach to your pup’s harness. The Petzip seat for small dogs is best for canines that weigh under 11 lbs.

Now you can take your sweet fur partner with you wherever you go whether it is on long road trips, a visit to Granma’s or to fun events in town. You will not have to worry about spills, injuries and heaven forbid, an accident caused by not having your doggie secured in her own space!

Add one of our cozy “blankes” in the bottom and your precious furball will love to curl up and sleep in between her peeks out to see where you are going! Check out our other travel friendly seats, such as the 2-in-1 Pet Zip Bike Cruising Pet Carrier as well as Pet Joggers and Strollers especially made for comfortable doggie transport! Now you don’t have to leave home without your dog or put him in a boarding kennel, when you can both travel in comfort and style.

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