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When Dogs Talk We May Soon be Able to Listen

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 7/26/2017 to Dog Boutique 0 Comments

Amazon commissioned a study for a device that will translate what our dogs say…

Dogs TalkingFor those of us who have constant canine companions, you will understand how exciting the recent news that Amazon says we may have dog and cat translators available to us in the next 10 years! WoW!

Protect Your Dog from Summer Heat

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 7/10/2017 to Sunglasses 0 Comments

Tips and products to keep your dog cool and safe in the summer heat…

Dog SunglassesThere are so many hot weather factors to affect us all, that we must remember to also think about the canine family members with all that fur and panting as their only way to sweat the heat

Dogs Dig for Reasons we can Explain

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 5/26/2017 0 Comments

Tips for getting your dog to stop digging up your yard…

Dog Pull ToyWhen you can understand the reasons for your dog’s  digging behavior, then training them to stop becomes easier for both of you. 

Dogs and Hot Weather Warnings and Tips

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 5/21/2017 to Sunglasses 0 Comments

Be aware of rising temperatures when heat hurts your dog’s health… 

Dogs in the Heat Warming temperatures and humidity will restrict how much outdoor time dogs should spend in hot weather. Pay attention when the outdoor temperature starts to climb and observe a few simple rules for protecting your dog’s health.

Get Ready for MLB Dog Days at the Park

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/30/2017 to MLB Baseball 0 Comments

Where to find, how to dress and what to take to watch MLB games with your dog…

MLB Dog BandanaWhen you are a huge fan of Major League Baseball, llive near a home field and have a dog, it is hard to resist taking your fur buddy to one of the MLB special “Bark in the Park” home game events...

When Your Dog Manipulates You, How to Respond

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/18/2017 to Dog Boutique 0 Comments

Reasons ways and responses for dog  manipulation techniques.

Two Dogs BeggingRecently, several news releases talked about how your dog manipulates you to get what they want. There is probably not one reader with a dog who can deny this claim! Read how our four-pawed partners get away with their clever dog manipulation of humans!

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