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Luxury Fur Dog Blankets, Dog Carrier Liners & Crate Pads

Artic Fox Plush Fur Crate Pad

Now you can enjoy the most beautiful, softest and luxurious fur dog blankets (and human) and dog carrier/crate liners you will ever see and feel, we promise. Ever wonder what a cloud feels like??? Well these are softer... don't believe us? Just try one! Your little one is going to go crazy for these warm, pretty, elegant, fuzzy, super cozy furs! Make your little or big dog feel secure in their dog crate, in their dog kennel, in their pet carrier or pet stroller. These little pieces of heaven come in small squares and go up to big, human blanket sizes. Just think... you can decorate your home in pure luxury and share the couch with your special pup, at the same time!
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Big Sky is the perfect throw for any couch, chair or car by West Paw
$39.50 $29.50
At the Doggie Diva dog boutique online, we want you to help yourself indulge in the NICEST, CLOSEST TO REAL FUR pet blankets, dog crate pads and dog carrier liners you will ever see! Convinced yet? If not, just take a look below!!!

Who says doggies do not care about plushness? We think you will agree that our super soft like a powder puff blankets for canines are only the best feeling covers and mats you will ever experience!Is a walk on the wild side your cup of tea? Then the Snow Leopard, Brown Leopard, Brown Zebra, Cheetah, Alligator or Feathers Minkie Binkie Blankets are exactly what you will love. Or how about designer looks with Paisley, Shag, Roses, Powder Puff or Lava Flow designs in these fluffy pads, mats and blankets? And, oh good heavens, the COLORS! You can match your décor, your fur baby’s kennel or purse carrier, your outfit, or whatever you wish to accentuate with all the color choices in these beautiful throws! And in sizes from 16.5 inch squares up to 36 x 58 inch throws, you have multiple choices to fit your tail wagger’s favorite location to nap and rest.
When a simple 20 x 20-inch crate pad will make your new puppy or your crated pal happier during the night or while you are away, there is nothing like our plush crate pads to provide coziness and security. With fluffy finishes like Mink, Snow Leopard, Arctic Fox, Zebra and Shag patterns plus choice of colors you cannot miss making your woofer’s kennel time a luxurious event!

Dogs of Glamour thought of it all when they came up with the dog purse carrier insert blanket for any of your pet carriers! This ultra-cozy liner in velvety smooth black material can go between carrier and bed or sofa to make your puppy-love’s trips a stress free good time!

The Big Sky Dog Blanket is a throw that suits your doggie’s comfort needs and your sense of décor. Whether you like to have a cover for the back seat of your Beemer, your leather sofa or your silk spread, this is the right way to give your four-legged constant companion a place of their own to sprawl, snuggle, spread or bundle when all they want is to be next to you, no matter where you sit! Soft and silky on one side, and faux suede on the other, in four colors, this is one classy blanket that will become your pup’s favorite “go to bed” or “go to your mat” command spot! Sizes range from Small to Large, so there is one for any sized canine and any seat or spread you wish to protect!

See, we told you! There is no way you can resist these fantastic blankets to make your fur buddy’s favorite rest spot the most elegant and luxurious in town!

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