Dog Birthday

But, of course, your doggie has neighborhood and dog park buddies, so throw a dog birthday party for your furry best buddy! Send or text invitations with your doggie dressed in their “It’s my Birthday” Tee shirt, bandana or sweatshirt! If you are really ambitious, check online sites for “dog food recipes” so you can whip up a batch or two of homemade doggie treats. Or be sure to buy good little treats dog presents from the grocery to place around in bowls for your fellow dog owners to use for their fur babies. 

Arrange games of toss, catch, fetch and retrieve for you and your friends to show off your pooch’s clever talents! Make a birthday cake or pudding of sweet potato or pumpkin to set out in bowls to share so you humans can get a good giggle out of watching them gobble it up with gusto. As dog birthday party gifts, give out adorable “Birthday Boy” or “Birthday Girl” plush chew toys. Take LOTS of doggy photos to share on Facebook! When your dog party guests and their tail waggers depart, you can be sure that you and your very popular fuzzy sidekick will be invited to all the best events, for humans or dogs! 

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It's My Birthday Dog Bandana
It's My Birthday Dog Tank Top / Tee Shirt
It's My Birthday Dog Sweatshirt
Fun birthday cake dog squeak toy.
Fun birthday cake dog squeak toy.

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