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Dog Backpacks

We know how much you like to take your fur travelling buddy with you on outdoor trips like skiing, hiking and walking, so Doggie Diva assembled Dog Backpacks that we know you will love. Now you can find a travel dog backpack that is full of features and ergonomic for your dog’s comfort.

Does your pooch like to have a job when you take trips together? Do you need a little help when you have your hands full of necessary equipment? Is there some way to let your pup help carry his own essentials?

Read more about our pet backpack features below.

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New Extreme Packs - Ergonomic, Waterproof and Tough
Cool two tone doggie backpack
Waterproof Zippers, Coated Ripstop Material Backpack

Big and small dogs help carry the load with a Travel Dog Backpack…

 We have two travel dog backpacks by Doggles that meet heavy-duty as well as casual carry functions. The Extreme Two is great for longer hikes and trips with side pockets that expand and collapse, waterproof material and zippers, tough seam stitching and saddle top grab handle and D-rings The Doggles Two Tone Backpack in grey and black is a lighter weight version of the Extreme Two, perfect for short day trips and walks. Both have ergonomic upper shoulder cutout areas to give your furry hiker pal a comfortable tote. The EZYDog Summit backpack is equipped with the Award-Winning Chest Plate Harness design that provides stability and sturdiness for off-trail hikes and for Service Dogs. Available in sizes for all dogs, we know you will find just the right backpacks to fit your small shopping companion as well as larger sporting partner. All of our backpakcs offer waterproof, rip-stop, multiple pockets, reflector and fastening features that are good for both of you.

Think about all the times you wish there were extra pockets for you to pack your best friend’s blanket, a towel, water bottle, treats, leash and harness. The answer is in these well-made backpacks for dogs that have comfortable straps to fit around the belly, mesh materials for ventilation, reflective piping for easy visibility and above all, ergonomic designs to help balance your doggie’s load. You can always send an email, call us or chat online to get specific information and advice on which product is best for your doggie’s size and breed.

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