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Feed Your Family This Thanksgiving, Just Not Your Dog

Posted by Allison Edrington - Rev on 11/21/2011 to Dog Boutique

Don't Feed Your Doggie This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may be your canine's dream come true lots of people to play with, plenty of new smells and messy children who drop food to the floor for him to gobble up. However, your pooch's excitement could lead to sickness, and so we at  dog boutique online at Doggie Diva want to remind you of a few points before the big family holiday.
  1. Don't give your pet a full plate of people food. There are plenty of ingredients that could hurt your doggie's stomach, including onions, turkey bones, sage, chocolate and some other spices and herbs. Keep watch of any kids your canine interacts with, as they may try to be nice and slip your dog something that could actually end up hurting him.
  2. No raw meat. If you don't normally give your pup raw meat, abstain from giving him a taste of uncooked turkey or other meats as this could upset his stomach.
  3. Keep your pooch occupied during dinner. Stuff one of his favorite hollow toys with doggie treats and, if you are feeling especially kind, a little holiday food that doesn't contain anything toxic to your pet (like mashed potatoes or boneless, cooked turkey). You or any kids in your family can also wear your dogster out with a long walk or a rousing game of fetch before the feast so he doesn't have the energy to beg.
  4. Watch your pup or put him someplace where he can't disturb the kitchen. Many a Thanksgiving has been ruined by poochs too eager for turkey or the delicious sides offered on the table for this holiday. If you can't keep the food out of reach from your furry friend, consider putting him outside or sequestering him in a different part of the house while food is being prepared. This would also be a great time for someone to take him on that long walk mentioned above.
Don't neglect your pup for this holiday just be sure to keep him in mind as you prepare for the big day.


Date 11/23/2011 3:50:03 PM
Good ideas, thanks!

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