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Designer Dog Toys Can Save Your shoes and Pillows

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 12/8/2016 to Toys & Games

Give a squeak and a toss to these designer toys for pets and get ready for smiles and giggles…

CHewy Vuitton PUrse Dog ToyMost dog owners experience the chewing phase of puppyhood and adult mischief and our Designer Dog Toys are calculated to take the pressure off your own valued belongings! The pet toy designers at Haute Diggity Dog make a collection of plush couture inspired squeaky toys that come with personality plus as well as familiar designer looks!

Pet shoes and purse toys

While your Manolos, Louies and Kate Spades live in your closet securely, your pup can have his or her own pair of spin off shoes or a purse for snuggling and entertainment! For example, the doggie chew toy shoe line includes Jimmy Chew and Manolo Barknik in a plush stuffed pump that has a soft exterior and a squeaker hidden inside. In two sizes, 4 and 6 inches long, all yippers, gnawers and chewers have a chance to enjoy sinking their teeth into one of these fun scoots. 

Or how about giving your precious fashion maven her own purse from Pawda, Chewy Vuiton, Michael Klaws or Barkin? These designer print and colorful pet purse toys also have a plush stuffed interior with squeaker. Exterior finishes are soft and fuzzy or quilted, so you caManolo Barknik Shoe Dog Toyn even match your own favorite purse with one of your pup’s chewable preferences! Now, we bet you are laughing hysterically like we were when we found these novelty designer posh pet toys!

Lush stuffed beverage dog toys

Groana Beer Plush Dog ToyNow that you see the theme of those clever Haute Diggity Dog toy makers, get even more grins from the collection of popular beverage choices made by us humans! The bottle toys are in two sizes, 5 and 10 inches long, with spin-off names you will quickly recognize like, Dog Perignon, Groana, Puptron, Starbarks and Arfsolute to toss to your furball for training with a squeeze and a squeak! We promise that your coffee, cocktail and kick back times will never be the same when you introduce these doggie beverage toys when others join you for relaxation and entertainment!

Plush dog toy bones, birthday cupcakes and balls

Who says the typical pet toys have to be made of rubber, plastic or hard materials? Your furry best bud can have even more fun indoors or outside with the soft and cuddly designer bones and other squeak toys. These traditional pet toys also have a couture print on them as well as very colorful patterns. Is your birthday tail wagger deserving a brand new squishy toy? Then the birthday boy or birthday girl dog cupcake will grab their attention immediately! On the go with your pooch? The adorable Miss Dogier Parfum bottle in the small 4.5 x 5 Birthday Boy Plush Dog Toyinch size is perfect to toss in your purse and take with you when you two travel. Or try the fabric covered bones, in a choice of 5 colors, that also have a soft poly stuffing and come in sizes from Tiny to Jumbo at 5 to 14 inches long. Is the Chewy Vui print a favorite? Then the squeezy bone and ball will fit your ear flopper’s style! The checkered pattern on the Chewy Vuiton ball and bone are even more fashionable, also in two sizes for small and large fur pals. 

If you are stuck for gift ideas it is always a hit to give a toy to any pet lover you wish to impress, especially with these novelty designer pet Cosmuttpolitan Plush Pet Toytoys that range from $7.50 to $11.50. Perfect for stocking stuffers too, when you are searching for something other than treats to add to your own woofie’s stocking!  We think you will agree that your gift for your own or anyone else’s prized four-pawed partner will be  the hit of the seasn!

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