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Designer Dog Carriers and Treat your Dog to Pure Luxury

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 8/3/2016 to Carriers & Blankets

You can carry your precious fur cargo with pride when you have a Designer Dog Carrier…

Designer Dog Carriers for Small DogsYou may wonder when a dog carrier is the right way to take your dog along with you. Whether you take your fur baby to work, to socialize or to hang out, we can outfit you with the perfect pet purse carriers on the market. Plus, you will be overjoyed to know that these custom designs for small yippers are discounted, on sale and sold with additional benefits by your friends here at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique.

For Dogs That Go to Work

If you are one of those fortunate people who can take your furry partner to work with you and furthermore, if your pal with a tail is small, then you are Jaraden Cambridge Pet Carrierjust about the luckiest person we know! You can hide your business inspiration that has four paws in a luxurious designer pet carrier that not only looks ready for work, but also gives your little fuzzy buddy a cozy place to hide out! We are talking about the Jaraden Cambridge Dog Carrier, of course! This limited edition purse carrier for pets is now on sale for $139.50 and you will have to love all the features it contains! Made from pet-friendly pleather, the exterior is made to look like a fine leather briefcase satchel style, complete with an adjustable padded shoulder strap. The flap privacy cover subtly conceals the interior contents while ample ventilation side and top mesh windows give your pup or Toy yipper air flow. When you arrive at your desk you simply flip back the flap to reveal the satchel contents peeking his or her head out to greet your work world! Extra pockets, handsome hardware finishes and the compact size ( 16”L x 11”H x 6. 5 W) make this a pet purse you will adore. Your little (under 8 lbs.) fluffy biz partner will be happy and cozy as you walk city streets and carpeted corridors. When you work at your desk or meet with clients, the plush interior will keep him or her cozy for naps, able to watch your action or stand up to contribute to the conversation. If you are a professor, can’t you just see the two of you entering the classroom with the beautiful caramel Cambridge dog carrier to have your assistant wow your class with their presence? A banker or attorney will be extremely impressive when you enter the boardroom or chambers carrying this handsome gray Cambridge satchel that contains your furry sidekick! (We won’t tell the contents of your amazing carry bag, if you don’t!)

For Dogs That Like to Mingle
Do you find that your friends and associates often ask where your pup is? Does your little woofer get invited to attend social events with you? Then only tKwigy-Bo Dog Carriershe finest in luxurious purse pet carriers will fit the bill. Never mind having only your own Chanel purse to throw over your shoulder when you can carry one of the Kwigy-Bo Alex or Alexa lines of pet purses that look every bit as elegant as your clutch! The padded, quilted exterior is available in colors to fit all occasions: black, black patent, pink, brown, gold, silver and even green camo! You will love the padded double straps with a drop length that is comfortable for carrying on your shoulder or by hand. The quilted interior and removable pad add even more coziness for your miniature, toy or new puppy partner. Interior and exterior pockets provide room for both of your needs, such as wallet, keys, snacks or treats. The mesh side windows have privacy flaps to lower while your wee pooch snoozes and you mingle. An interior safety tether keeps Fido and FiFi secure as you two are on the move. In two sizes, Small for wee ones up to 6 lbs. and Large for those up to 14 lbs. At the unbelievably reasonable prices from $139.50 to $159.50 you must consider having more than one to fit multiple social circumstances!

For Dogs That Love Fresh Air, Surf and Sand
Does your peewee fur baby get excited when he or she gets a whiff of ssuntan lotion? When you can take your doggie along on excursions to the Bk Atelier Dog Carriersbeach, lake or pool then we have the perfect pet carrier that is perforated to give your fuzzy friend plenty of all around ventilation, roominess for chilling and a great way to go along for the ride. The BK Atelier Mia line of Dog Carriers is made from vegan material that is coated canvas and is easy to clean. There is a removable interior liner of terry material to provide privacy and coziness when your pet is ready for a nap after a hard day in the outdoors. Trendy handles make the pet bag easy to carry on your shoulder or in your hand, but also has a removable shoulder strap for cross body/hands-free toting. Nickel free hardware, an interior plush pad along with a safety tether promise to keep your precious cargo safe and ultra-cozy. Two sizes give you the option to carry the smallest pups under 14 lbs. such as Shih Tzu, Miniature breed mixes or a Jack Russell. The large carrier will hold pups up to 18 lbs. for woofers like a small Schnauzer mix, Scottish Terrier or Pug. The Mia line is available in Black, champagne and charcoal. The Price of $226.50 is remarkable when you consider that the hand crafted design is made by a loving manufacturer who adores dogs and is a former fashion house couture designer! Read all about the history of this fantastic pet carrier that has only your pooch’s good health and happiness at heart!

Enjoy your visit through our huge collection of Pet carriers, here at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique online and feel free to contact us with your questions. We are a long time authority in the market of pet carriers and take a lot of pride in our reputation for personalized customer service. We think that our customers whose favorite business, play and social partners happen to have four paws, a tail and pointy or floppy ears are simply the luckiest people on the planet!

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