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When your dog’s name deserves to be in lights, get the next best thing with Customized Dog Collars from the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique! We have beautiful collars made from classic materials to add customized and personalized name letters, initials or sayings to match your doggie’s glamorous personality.
Is your pampered pooch a star in your eyes and household? Do you like to dress up your tail wagging fashionista when you dress up too? Are the two of you invited to many events and occasions where a special collar on your pup gets all the ooh’s and aah’s? Then you will love our luxury personalized, rhinestone collars called 'Kinley Collars. Our own line of personalized bling collars includes a choice of collar materials in snakeskin, croc and glitter finishes. Then you can personalize your collar choice for little or big furry best friends with rhinestone name lettering on the dog collars. You have up to 12 characters to work with so have some fun showing off your pup’s name, attitude or phrase! Imagine your dude or diva’s name on the collar in blingy shine with an added charm or two or three to give an iconic flair to your fur baby’s style! Choose from hearts, skull, bones, peace symbol, paws, crown or flower charms.  In fact, you may be so envious of your four-legged partner’s neckwear, you will need to visit the jeweler to get one for yourself!  Let us help you with your design elements…we have a lot of experience with people who love to pamper their pets! We can help you decide upon a clever phrase, such as “drama diva” or “mommy girl.” Spaced with a heart or peace symbol. Then there are the tough guys who might want their name emblazoned across the collar, such as “King Smith” or “Bubba Bach!”
We promise, you will not be able to resist having too much fun when you design your doggie’s customized collar that we put together for you! They say “every dog has its day” so why not make your puppy-love’s day special every time you two are seen together! Our custom collar sizing goes from necks measuring between 6 inches up to 24 inches, so there are no excuses for letting little sweetpeas’s or big furry barker’s necks go naked!

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