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Get Character for Your Dog with Custom Dog Collar

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/11/2016 to Collars & Ties

Get Rhinestone Personalized Dog Collar for Your Pet

Personalized Rhinestone CollarNow I am truly jealous! We went into town yesterday and I met the neatest doggies wearing custom dog collars like I have never seen before! My mom introduced me to a pretty Cocker Spaniel named “Woofie” wearing a sparkly bling collar that had her name on it in rhinestones! Woofie was with one of her friends, a German shepherd named “Bowser.” He wore a NECKTIE, if you can believe that! Don’t worry; I got all the details!

Customized Dog Collars

It seems Woofie’s mom ordered one of the Custom Dog Glitter Collars ($9.50) in Soft Pink and added her name in rhinestones for a one of a kind Woofie Customized Rhinestone Dog Collarcollar! It was so pretty and shiny that I whined and pawed my mom to let her know I want one too! (Except my name, “Sissy” has to be on the collar and I want two Crown Charms on each end! Woofie’s mom said the collar is very well made and she brings it out for Woofie to wear any time, not just special occasions. I just liked the way it looked like a fine piece of jewelry around Woofie’s neck!

Dog Tie and Shirt Collars

Custom Collars for DogsBowser, on the other hand, was NOT about “bling.” He had the handsome Mr. Hardy Dog Shirt Collar and Tie ($29.50) around his neck and I fell instantly in love! Who could resist such a distinguished gray, black and white German Shepherd all dressed up with places to go! Bowser said he thought the necktie was a little strange at first, but his dad loves to take him to work, to concerts and to the local cafes when Bowser is dressed up! Maybe I can talk my brother, “Bubba” into wearing one of these handsome ties. They come in all kinds of print, but I really loved the Mr. Hardy tie because you could see the funny little skeleton print when you got close to it. Bowser and his tie made me laugh; they were so Custom Dog Name Collarscute!

When we were back home, my mom went on the internet for and there were so many choices for rhinestone Custom Doggie Collars and other specialty collars that we had a hard time making up our mind which ones to get. We decided on the Personalized Big Dog Collar Metallic ($12.50) for me and the Mr. Bingley Shirt Collar and Tie ($29.50) for Bubba. I am so excited to get my sparkly dog collar with my name in jeweled slides on it so I can be fancy like mom in her jewelry. And I can’t wait to see Bubba sporting his madras Mr. Bingley necktie the next time we go to the park. We will be the hit of all the doggies in our Dog Collars!

Sincerely, Bella, the White Lab


Date 10/3/2015
Judy Hubbell

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