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Cuddle, Game and Chew Toys for Small Dogs

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 2/28/2016 to Toys & Games

Right sized toys for small dogs make playtime even more fun while they are safe for little fur mouths and joints…

Toys for Small DogsSmall dogs pose challenges for playtime activities because their size comes with limitations. The amount of strength, level of rowdiness and extent of stamina are much less than their larger canine cousins. Toys for small dogs to tug, chew and catch need to be the right size, shape and material to protect little teeth and joints.

Natural and Organic Small Dog Toys

At Doggie Diva, our Zogoflex collection of toys for doggies includes Mini and Small sizes that are just right for Toy, Miniature and Small breeds. Long toys, such as the Hurley and Bumi Eco-friendly Dog Toys measure 4.5 to 6 inches that will fit small mouths when you play catch and tug with a small Hurley Dog Toybreed or puppy under 15 lbs. Because the materials are flexible, bright and made with natural patented Zogoflex, you are assured of your fur baby’s safety during playtime. Round toys that mimic a ball need to be large enough to prevent swallowing, so the Jive Eco-friendly Dog Ball is available in Mini and Small measuring 2 to 2.6 inches in diameter. The softness and bright colors of this irregularly shaped ball will give your tiny tail wagger a workout for playing catch and teaching fetch.

Tuggable and catchable toys that are sturdy, yet squishy are best for little legs to chase and small teeth to chew, since the toys are soft while challenging enough for your pup to show interest in them.

Cuddly and Chewy Toys for Small Dogs

New pups and tiny doggies may miss their mom or you when left alone, so there is nothing better than a favorite plush dog toy to leave with them Plush Pet Toyswhile they are resting. If your little one with sharp teeth is bored, he or she may head straight for your prized fuzzy slippers, purse or pillow to chew or toss around. We have the answer in our adorable collection of shoes, purses and even bottles that come with a squeaker and plush material by Haute Diggity Dog! The little handbags, like the Checker Chewy Vuiton Purse Dog Toy," measures 3.5 inches so your fur fashionista can use it to cuddle like a pillow or grab by the handle for playing games. The fun shoes, such as Manalo Barknik Cheetah Plush Shoe Dog Toy, are 4 inches long and made temptingly with plush material that will keep your fur buddy busy enough to ignore Manalo Barknik Dog Toyyour brand of designer shoes!

When you give little breeds something to cuddle, play with and chew on that is sized for their petite paws and mouth, they will seek out their own favorite object, rather than yours!

Soft Rope Toy Sized for Little Dogs

Canines love to grab onto ropes and run with them, chew on them or tug on them. They also like to have a ball to chase and catch. So combine the two toys and our Nuts for Knots - Cotton Rope Dog Toy answers both play preferences. The ball shaped rope with a squeaker in the middle is good for play between you and your little dude or diva as well as between multiple small pups! The colorful rope measures 2 inches for extra small tail Dog Rope Toyswaggers and has soft material that is easy on the teeth.

Whenever your precious small dog breed paws at you, drops an object in front of you or finds an object to chew on, these toys will be ready to fit the bill for what a smaller canine needs to keep her entertained. No matter what size, dog instinct is to have objects that mimic prey. They also are social and want to play with you or other pets. Plus, they look for objects to add to their “nests.” Now you have ways to give your small fuzzy best friend some fun and furry toys of their own!

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