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Couture Pet Carriers from Cha Cha Perfect for Everyday Casual

Posted by Allison Edrington - Rev on 10/21/2011 to Carriers & Blankets

Cha Cha Pooch Carriers from Couture for Everyday Casual

Whether you go for the denim or pink camouflage dog carrier, the Cha Cha Pup Carriers at Doggie Diva's excellent Boutique Online will help you tote your pup around town with ease and she will reap the benefits, too!

If you often have to carry your doggie because she is old or tires easily, this sling style canine carrier will be the perfect way for her to tag along on your adventures. Though your doggie may not be able to keep up with you without a carrier, she still needs the fresh air and to spend time with you. So bring her to the pet store, your friend's house or anywhere else appropriate for your pooch. 

The Cha Cha Pet Carriers rest easily on your shoulder with a wide strap so your back doesn't grow tired while being carried. When in the bag, your small pup will be about waist height. Not only will she be kept warmer by her proximity to you, but she will also be off the ground and away from stray pets and unfriendly footsteps. 

The casual look of the Cha Cha Canine Carriers will compliment almost anything in your casual wardrobe, plus the lace stitching, pom-poms and beads on the bag add to the adorable factor created when your puppy is in your purse. However, if you are looking for a handbag-style doggie carrier, we also have a selection of Kwigy Bo lines in our designer carrier line up. Other versatile pet carriers are also available at Doggie Diva.

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