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National Puppy Day Celebrates Unconditional Love

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/23/2017 to Dog Boutique 0 Comments

Puppy Love is a Proven Phenomenon...

National Puppy DayDoes your doggie gaze at you with puppy love eyes, ears tilted forward and panting that sweet puppy breath? Scientists have proof that dogs and humans share the oxytocin hormone reaction when they look at each other with love and affection

When Your Dog Manipulates You, How to Respond

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/18/2017 to Dog Boutique 0 Comments

Reasons ways and responses for dog  manipulation techniques.

Two Dogs BeggingRecently, several news releases talked about how your dog manipulates you to get what they want. There is probably not one reader with a dog who can deny this claim! Read how our four-pawed partners get away with their clever dog manipulation of humans!

Dog Car Seats and Carriers to Buckle Up for Safety

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/16/2017 to Carriers & Blankets 0 Comments
Dog Car Seats and Carriers to Buckle Up for Safety

Dog car safety is just as critical as child safety when they ride with you…

If your dog often goes on car trips with you, be aware that even if your trip is just to the corner store, there are huge dangers when your four-pawed passenger is not restrained. Read about how to protect your precious puppy cargo while driving the car...

New Puppy Crate Training is a Good Thing

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 1/19/2017 to Carriers & Blankets 0 Comments

Why crate training a dog is a great way for them to learn self-discipline…

Puppy Crate TrainingWhen you introduce a new four-pawed family member to your home, the biggest challenge will be getting him or her to fit into your environment by using crate training. whether the new furry occupant of your home is a puppy, adult or mature purchase or rescue, crate training a dog will give them a sense of belonging.

Antlers for Dogs That Come Straight from Nature

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 8/5/2016 to Antlers & Velvet 0 Comments

Elk Antlers give your fur chewer a long-lasting treat that is fresh and healthy…

IChew Antlers for Dogss your pup’s dental health the most difficult part of your tail wagger’s pet care? Then we have the answer to the dilemma that most canine pet owners experience. You will love our fresh, tasty and long-lasting Elk Antler Chews

Dog Collar Boutique Has It All

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 7/30/2016 to Collars & Ties 0 Comments

Dog Collar Boutique Has It All

Pet Collar BoutiqueGive Your Fur Partner a Fashionable Collar from our Trendy Boutique. The Doggie Diva Dog Boutique has traditional, contemporary, unique, personalized and custom collars for pets that are high quality, long-lasting and sensibly priced.

Rhinestone Dog Collars Are Perfect for Doggie Stars!

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 7/28/2016 to Collars & Ties 0 Comments

Give Doggie the Gift of Luxurious Rhinestone Dog Collars

Rhinestone Dog CollarsIs your precious fur baby (or adult) the star in the movie of your life? Well then, treat him or her to a bit of bling that proudly announces their status!
Rhinestone Dog Collars come in many looks at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique. We have our own line of personalized name collars that are put together for you just the way you want! Here’s how!

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