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BK Atelier Dog Carrier Bridget Charcoal
Charcoal BK Atelier Pet Carrier

BK Atelier Dog Carrier Bridget Charcoal

Trendy charcoal colored dog carrier that looks like a purse.

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BK Atelier
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Is it a dog bag? Is it a trendy purse? ItÆs both! ItÆs the Bridget Carrier!

Your friends will never believe your beautiful new purse is actually for your sweet pup! That is, until you give them a tour of your new BK Atelier Dog Carrier Bridget Charcoal. First, show them the roomy interior with the incredibly soft terry lining and cozy comfort cushion, which are both easily removable for temperature changes or to clean. Next, note the nickel-free hardware and rivet design along the exterior. Let them ooh and aah over the gorgeous design, sleek feel, and how very light it is to carry. Once theyÆve taken that all in, share the removable shoulder strap, which allows you to be hands-free to check your phone or grab a treat for your pup. Tell them how BK Atelier designs their pet purses to provide the maximum amount of air and light for your little one, and use a perforated coated canvas as the material. Finally, blow their minds when you tell them this trendy dog carrier is 100% vegan, and the only animal involved will be your fur-baby.

Speaking of your puppy, letÆs call them over. Have them hop in their BK Charcoal Bridget carrier, and secure the interior safety harness. Pick a place for lunch and head out with your group. Make sure to pop into a store to run an errand while showing your pals how easy it is to utilize the full concealment feature, where no one would ever guess your pet was along for the ride. Over lunch, talk about your upcoming trip and how fun it will be to bring your little one along, as your charcoal dog carrier is made to easily fit under the seat in front of you. Note that youÆll be double-checking with the airline, of course. Finish up with dessert and then head home to review your exciting day.

With the Bridget Carrier puppy bag, every day feels extra special!
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