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Elk Chewing Antlers and Other Chewy Toys to Keep Your Pet Busy

Posted by Allison Edrington (rev) on 12/31/2013 to Antlers & Velvet
elk antlers for dogs Keep Fido Busy with Pet Elk Antlers

How do you keep a pet occupied? The same way you keep him from chewing on everything you own -- give him something you want him to chew on! But chew toys can easily be torn asunder, and rawhide bones get sticky and aren't nutritious.

That’s why we love elk antlers for canines! These tasty treats come from the antlers that elk naturally shed every year. There are small antler pieces ($9.95) that are under 7 pounds that will keep small dogs chewing for weeks.

Have a big pet? No problem! XL antler dog chews that are 50 pounds and up ($39.95) are great for powerful chewers and will last much longer than your standard pig ear or rawhide treat. If you have a mastiff or similar Fido breed, we have an EVEN BIGGER size with antler doggie chews that weigh more than 80 pounds ($64.95) and about the size of an adult human forearm. That’s a lot of chewing time!

Elk antlers are popular because dogs love the taste, they can last months even with ambitious chewers, and they contain nutrients that your pooch needs. If you want the layer of velvet still intact (it has even more vitamins and minerals), just let us know when you order.

If you’d like an indestructible toy that you and your pup can play with, check out these dog chew toys! They are eco-friendly and nearly indestructible -- we have all sorts of shapes and even flying discs that you can take on your park outings.

Your Fido needs an outlet to keep him busy when you’re away, especially if you have a puppy or an aggressive chewer. Elk antlers for canines and indestructible chew toys provide relief for your doggie and you!

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