Pet Accessories

Just as we humans like to add accessories for our own wardrobe
picks, so does your doggie need pet accessories on some occasions. We have not only the smart protective equipment for your tail wagging outdoor partner, we have cute neckwear to add to your pet’s wardrobe!

Read more about our accessories for pets below.

Canine eye and foot protection are among our accessories for dogs…

Our Doggles Sunglasses are made specifically to fit canine faces with their eyes that protrude a bit and wide nose bridge. They also have comfortable chin and head straps along with rubber frames for a secure fit.  When your pooch runs through flower beds or brush, plays in the sand at the beach or has sensitive eyes, these XS to Large sunglasses for dogs are pet vet optometry approved for maximum canine eye protection.

Foot protection for our four-pawed partners is not something to take for granted. Their precious paws are sensitive to harsh conditions, just like human feet! Our Pawz Dog Booties help protect your pup’s feet from the cold of snow and ice, the roughness of street debris and uneven ground. Made to fit without falling or shaking off, we think your pet will be happy to know that their tootsies are safe in the sometimes wild outdoors!

On a cuteness factor note, our accessory bandanas for pets that have a message and an attitude are bound for giving your pup or big dog the attention they deserve. Celebrate holidays, special events, family stature, personality and many more revealing statements that are silk-screened onto these lightweight cotton canvas and machine washable pet bandanas.
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